84801 Now You Can Drive A Different Mercedes-AMG Every Week

Now You Can Drive A Different Mercedes-AMG Every Week

So, what is the cost of driving a different Mercedes-Benz whenever it suits you? Prices start at $1,095 per month and there is a $495 activation fee. The AMG-Exclusive tier is much pricier at $3,595 per month, but it does include 24/7 roadside assistance, insurance, and maintenance regardless of mileage covered. Exchanging your vehicle – referred to as “schedule a flip” on the app – can be done with just a few taps.

Mercedes doesn’t specifically say which AMG models can be chosen as part of the service, but they did make mention of “signature handcrafted V8 engines,” so it’s clear that subscribers won’t be left with a V6-engined C43 sedan.

Of course, the service remains the preserve of the well-heeled, because nine months on the AMG-Exclusive tier means that you’ll have spent the equivalent of a brand new A-Class sedan. Still, imagine driving a different AMG every other day?

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