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Number of your entity

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Number of your entity

The fact that the key to the mysteries of the universe is in numbers, even the ancient Egyptians, whose wisdom embodied in the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, knew. He considered the most important and the most perfect 4 numbers: one, two, three and four. After all, they determine the rhythm and meaning of the universe – each phenomenon or essence in its basis can be reduced to one of these numbers.

Centuries later Pythagoras was echoed by Aristotle, who divided the primitive matter into four elements: fire, water, air and earth. In fact, it was then that the birth of numerology, which, after connecting with the Jewish Kabbalah, gave us a startling instrument that allows not only to predict events, but also to manage them. True, for this, first you need to calculate your essential number – from one to four.

How to calculate the number of an entity

Add all the digits of the day, month and year of birth until you get a single digit. For example, you were born on August 1, 1984, then the calculations will look like this: 1 + 0 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 31: 3 + 1 = 4. So, the four is your essential number. If after all additions a number from 5 to 8 was obtained, then it is necessary to take away from it 4. And if 9 – take 4 two times.

Now about how to use knowledge of “your” number in practice. Numerology proceeds from the fact that all the elements of the universe, expressing their essence through a number, are with each other in a pre-established harmony. That is, a person with a certain number will be affected positively by the phenomena with the same number and negative – from the side of the opposing number (nearby: for 1 it is 2, for 2 – 1 and 3, for 4 – 3).

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Consider the main characteristics of the carriers of different numbers of the entity.

The unit is the basis of the universe, the first figure in any counting system, the cornerstone of all processes and phenomena. People with number 1 are innate leaders capable of uniting others around themselves, lighting up ideas, starting serious business, leading oneself. At the same time, being beginners, they can not realize their potential without the help and participation of people whose numbers are 3 and 4. But people with the number 2 often act as antagonists of the leader-units. Moreover, this antagonism can be both hostile – when external circumstances are more favorable for the “twos”, and positively-rival, competitive – in the case when the world around us is “imprisoned” for units.

The two are the antagonist of the unit and the three. The fact that she is in double opposition, and explains that people with an essential number of 2 differ strong willpower and ability to withstand adverse factors. Not being leaders from nature, in the eternal (although not always explicit and conscious) confrontation of the unit, the Twos often quickly acquire leadership qualities and pick up the banner of those initiatives that initiated, but did not complete, the unit. Unlike 1, 2 is not so creative, but incredibly efficient and has an amazing gift to bring almost any case to the end.

The three also stand in a double opposition – to the deuce and the four. Therefore, people with this essential number are also well developed willpower. However, unlike 2, they are nature, not inclined to command and guide, but realizing themselves in creativity and science. Three people are not the pioneers of new trends and styles, they do not give out staggering hypotheses, but in their activities, thanks to innate perfectionism, they achieve incredibly high results. Also for the triples are characterized by high analytical skills and the ability to deftly understand the field of finance and economics.

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Four, according to Plato and Aristotle, the most perfect number. His bearer from birth given a maximum of talents and abilities, which he gladly ready to transfer to others. This is the number of creators, people who highly respect moral values ​​and are particularly sensitive to others.