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Number of your home: value in numerology

Number of your home: value in numerology

Does the fate of the house depend on the number of the house in which the person lives? If the personal date – the date of birth – is given to us from above, then another important number, on which our life largely depends, we choose ourselves and can change if desired. This is the number of our house. Numerologists argue that the number of the house in which a person lives, leaves an imprint on his fate, relationships with loved ones and loved ones.

To calculate this indicator, you need to do a simple addition. If you sum all the digits that make up the address (house number, house number, apartment) and sum up to a single digit, you will get an individual code for your house. It is something that affects the energy that reigns in your home.

For example, you live at the address: house 14, building 1, apartment 32. If you combine all these numbers, you get: 1 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 2 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2. 2 and is the same number, which, according to numerologists, determines how much the house corresponds to its owner. Sometimes there is a letter in the house number. You can find out its numerical value from the correspondence table of letters and numbers. Then this figure must also be included in the formula.

So, what prophesies the number of the house?

1 – unit is loneliness. The house is good for rest and solitude of freedom-loving independent personalities. He gives everyone who lives in him, leadership qualities, confidence, courage and determination. But if you are not ready to be alone with your thoughts and feelings, if you are afraid of loneliness and do not seek independence, in the house at number one it is better not to live alone – you will be sad here.

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2 – it’s a quiet, cozy home for people who love each other, striving for peace and harmony. Aggressive, overly emotional, intolerant to someone else’s opinion, people here are unlikely to feel comfortable, because this house requires patience, kindness and willingness to cooperate. And the house under the auspices of deuces develops in people sensitivity and intuition. That is why it is suitable for the residence of esotericists, scientists, as well as all those who are interested in paranormal phenomena.

3 – the triple, on the contrary, gives energy: spiritual, creative, sexual. This is a fun house – full of life and charm. There are always a lot of guests, communication. To whom such a house does not fit, so it’s trash. Money will flow out of your pocket. With incredible speed.

4 – the four, uniting all the elements – fire, air, water, earth – is a symbol of reliability, solidity. If you dream of security and stability, house number four is what you need. This is a good place to start, to build the foundation of future victories (especially for insecure, lost people). But keep in mind that house number 4 will require you to order, save, hard work and discipline. It is not recommended to live workaholics – the four will force them to work even more.

5 – house number 5 is the center of activity, it symbolizes movement and change. It is good for creative people. The life of his masters is a continuous series of meetings, parties, holidays. Routine, boredom and relaxed state is not the place. But sometimes life in this house is like chaos. People who are prone to a calm, measured life, the five, most likely, will not do.

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6 – Six arouses friendly and love feelings. In such houses there are strong families with many children. After all, it is a haven of harmony and balance. Relations between households are seldom overshadowed by conflicts. Want to love and be loved – look for a house at number 6, in it you will be able to realize yourself fully.

7 – house number 7 – an excellent place for seclusion, recreation, reflection. It suits those who are more interested not in the mercantile side of being, but in the development of the inner world, contemplation, meditation, mysticism, esotericism. This kind of housing is more suitable for someone who is used to living alone. For those who want to be in the thick of events and strive to achieve material prosperity, it is better to find another home. The house is also difficult for marriage, partnership, cohabitation.

8 – “home – a full cup” – this is exactly about the eight. The number 8 will bring abundance to your home, as well as a large number of friends, well-being in the family and prosperity. It is also suitable for those who want to achieve a high position, recognition. But people who are indifferent to the welfare, unable to rationally manage their finances, this house is not suitable.

9 – Nine awards his masters with wisdom, humanity. It is the house of love, compassion, tolerance. It is ideal for people with a great life experience. Vibration number 9 allows a person to rise above the bustle and see the main thing in life. House number 9 – an excellent place for fulfilling exalted desires.

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Number of your home: value in numerology

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