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Numerology compatibility by date of birth: love and friendship

Numerology compatibility by date of birth: love and friendship

According to experts, the Number of Destiny “given out” to each of us at birth, carries in itself information about temperament, ability to show emotions, other characteristics of a person – and therefore can quite tell about our compatibility with other people.

Calculate the number of fate is not difficult. Sum up all the digits of your date of birth; if you get a two-digit number – again sum up its components to single-valued; this is unambiguous and will be the desired figure. Let’s illustrate by example. Suppose you were born on June 23, 1976. We record the date of birth in numerical form – 06/23/1976. Summarize all the numbers included in it: 2 + 3 + 0 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. Your Destiny Number is the Seven. And now read about yourself and your compatibility with the owners of other fateful numbers.
Compatibility in friendship and love by the Number of Destiny

Destiny Number 1

Gusty, subtly feeling, passionate – that’s what words you can characterize people-“units”. In love, as in other spheres of life, you are insatiable and power-hungry: the more you become attached to a person, the more you want to subordinate him to yourself. In this case, you are patient, caring and gentle … But exactly until that moment; while convinced of the reciprocal feelings. If confidence decreases, you become a fury – jealous, dry and incredulous. The fear of trusting people is one of your main shortcomings.

The best partners in friendship and love: 2 or 6. You will also be suitable for 3 and 4, if you learn to restrain their power and criticism. Holders of numbers 5 and 7 can also make up your happiness, although this combination of numerology is considered not very harmonious. But people born under the numbers of Destiny 8, 9 or your own 1, it is better to avoid: such relations are fraught with an abundance of conflicts.

Destiny Number 2

Tactful, sensitive, understanding – these are the main features of the nature of the “twos”. You go through life, sincerely trying to please everyone – and relatives, and friends, and colleagues, and even strangers on the street. And you are very good at it: people are drawn to you. Harmonious relations in the house, faithfulness, love – that is the meaning of your life. That’s why people – “deuces” – these are the partners that you can only dream about. With all this you are more introverts, so from time to time you need to be alone.

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The best partners in friendship and love: 2, 4 or 6. People of numbers 3 and 5 will also be good partners for you – energetic and inquisitive, they are able to easily pull you out of the habitual “cocoon” and ignite with new ideas. Relations with melancholic 7 or 9 can be somewhat problematic: both sides are afraid to open up to each other. But 1 and 8 will be unnecessarily harsh and aggressive for you.

Destiny Number 3

You have incredible charm and, if you wish, are able to charm almost anyone who meets on your way. What is remarkable, you know your talent and use it actively: that’s why people “triples” have no lack of romantic relations, and often they continue active “left” life, even combining a legal marriage. True, while the “troika” remain caring and responsible spouses.

The best partners in friendship and love: 1, 3, 5 and 9. With the holders of numbers 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8, the relations will also be good, although not without problems: these figures seem to be an energetic and frivolous “troika” serious and “heavy”.

Destiny Number 4

Your talent – openness, sincerity, the ability to forgive people their shortcomings and turn a blind eye to everyday trivia. This makes you an excellent partner. However, you also have a shortcoming that can push away the potential (however, existing) “half”: you are very reserved in the manifestations of romantic feelings. This has a justification: the “quartet” believe that love must be proved primarily by deeds, not words and bouquets. However, not everyone can share this belief …

The best partners in friendship and love: 2, 6 and 7 – these gentlemen are just as calm, reserved and loyal to others as willows. 1, 8 and 9, too, can become good partners for you, but under the sole condition: if they tame their assertive and sometimes aggressive nature. The people of numbers 3 and 5, as a rule, are very attracted to you: a romance with them will surely be bright and memorable. But in everyday life between you, so different in temperament, conflicts are almost inevitable.

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Number of Destiny 5

You are optimistic, cheerful, charming and emotional – and it is these qualities that attract others to you. However, here is the paradox: you do not like such a situation. The fact is that people “five” are often shy and timid – they are afraid of excessive attention. In youth, this shyness can prevent them from expressing their feelings, which the “five” can later regret.

The best partners in friendship and love: 3 and 5 – in this case, both partners will have equal love for life and a passion for adventure. 2, 6 and 7, too, can be a good companion for you, but sometimes it will be hard for them to keep up with an energetic and sociable person like you. But mutual understanding with 1, 4 or 9 is difficult to achieve. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

Number of Destiny 6

You clearly realize that it is the family that is the most important part of your life. And this awareness plays with you a bad joke: you are too eager to patronize and control loved ones, often ignoring their own feelings, desires and needs. It is because of this, instead of the family idyll, of which you dream, communication with your family turns into a series of quarrels. Learn to respect someone else’s freedom of choice, do not be afraid to release a partner or children “from the nest to the big world” – and this trust will bring you happiness.

The best partners in friendship and love: 1, 2, 6 and 8. In people 3 and 5, you too can genuinely fall in love and experience a dizzying romance, but their frivolous attitude to life ‘will make your life unbearable. But with people 4 and 7, your relationship can be boring.

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Destiny Number 7

You cause admiration among those around you with your education, reasonableness, logic. However, in personal relationships, you often lack the warmth: from the outside you look cold and indifferent. Although in fact in the soul of the “sevens” raging experiences, just you do not like to release them to the surface. And, in general, in vain: allow yourself a manifestation of human feelings – and people will reach out to you.

The best partners in friendship and love: 4, 7 and 9. With frivolous people 3 and 5, as well as assertive 1 and 8 relationships you can be unnecessarily strained. Well, with “family” 2 and 6, a joint life can develop only if you learn to show emotions and show love.

Number of Destiny 8

The main pleasure of your life is to conquer a variety of peaks, and the personal sphere is not an exception. Gusty, fiery, lovers of adventure – you evoke an explicable interest in members of the opposite sex, but because of an assertive and selfish enough temper, you can get along only with a few. Often you demand from partners full submission, which can destroy even those relationships that are based on the most sincere love.

The best partners in friendship and love: 2 and 6 (they will ensure harmony and balance in your relationship), as well as 3 and 5 (you and your partner are “colleagues” in driving). Communication with people 4, 5 and 9 can also be successful if both partners strive for this. But 1 and 8 you do not fit: too emotional and explosive – just like you.

Destiny Number 9

You are romantic idealists and dreamers, sentimental and sensual. People – “nine” – from those who can love the whole world, despite its shortcomings. Numerologists refer you to the most tolerant, faithful and devoted companions of life, able to forgive a lot for their chosen one. However, if the betrayal becomes obvious, you will undoubtedly sever the connection.

The best partners in friendship and love: 4 and 7. A good union can develop with people 2,3, 6 and 9. But 1 and 8 are not the best option for you: the first literally “burn” you with their energy and exactingness, and the latter are unlikely to be able to give you enough warmth.

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Numerology compatibility by date of birth: love and friendship

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