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Numerology of phone number

Numerology of phone number

Nowadays there is no mobile phone except for newborn babies. A mobile phone is a thing of purely personal use. In addition to the means of communication, he replaces us with a notebook, a game console, a radio, a music center. In addition, the mobile phone is also a “window” on the Internet.

From the point of view of numerology, any combinations of numbers that occur in our life are not accidental – this also applies to telephone numbers. Today, when buying a sim card for a mobile phone, we have the opportunity to choose a “beautiful” number with lucky numbers. But did you know that it is much more important not for a beautiful combination of figures, but for the energy of the room as a whole? The secret code of the phone number is calculated as in the case of the name, date of birth and house number: you just need to sum all the digits by discarding the city code or the mobile operator code.

Can telephones help or hinder the resolution of our life’s problems? It turns out they can. This is a kind of numerology phone number.

The key to success

A telephone number performs the same role as a person’s name. To determine its value, it is necessary to make simple calculations: by simply adding up all digits of the number, reduce it to a prime number.

For example (numbers are taken arbitrarily): 354-25-52 = 3 + 5 + 4 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 2 = 26 = 8

8-140-123-54-49 = 8 + 1 + 4 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 4 + 4-1-9 = 41 = 5.

What does this number mean?

1 – the number is favorable for the manifestation of personal initiative, active and independent actions, the beginning of something new. It can solve any business problems – negotiate meetings, conclude contracts, solve legal problems and cases with notarial papers.
2 – for this number it is better to receive calls than to call yourself, except when your work allows you to do it without worrying and worrying, bringing spiritual satisfaction. It is good to establish any contacts, it involves cooperation, harmony in everything.
3 – the number is suitable for a variety of activities and the completion of any initiated and old cases. It is ideal for classes related to commerce, tourism and show business, for journalists and people working in advertising, actors, artists. On such a phone it is good to agree on various meetings, especially business, on trips and travel, fun and entertainment.
4 – the number is favorable for contacts aimed at creation, hard work and seriousness. But to start important business and engage in commercial activities is not worth it. It is good to talk about everything related to the repair of premises, home affairs, but it is not suitable for treaties on entertainment, travel, trips, visits.
5 – when talking on this number, changes in business and relations are possible. Therefore, you can communicate on it when you are sure that your plan is realistic and worthy of attention. A long-awaited success can come, long-established business will give favorable results. And to find out the relationship, including love, should not – the result can be unpredictable.
6 – this number is not for quick and decisive action, thoughtless decisions, new ventures, enterprises. But he helps to get advice or comfort, useful for solving any problems of delicate properties, including those related to the family, a close person. Good for appointing business affairs, conferences, public gatherings, for meetings with friends and like-minded people.
7 – the number is unfavorable for appointing meetings, long negotiations on business and finance, but it is suitable for establishing links in the field of philosophy, mysticism, research and scientific developments, and also for obtaining advice and recommendations.
8 – the number is very favorable for contacts in business and finance, for sales, contributes to success, material well-being, organization and strengthening of authority. On it important and serious decisions come quickly and easily.
9 – this number is good for any accomplishments, for starting promising cases, announcing important plans, strengthening contacts and contacts. It is a phone for enabling opportunities, commercial and financial affairs, and especially for people from the art world.

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Numerology of phone number

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