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Review of Kia Stonic 2017-2018

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Review of Kia Stonic 2017-2018

New Kia Stonik — platform brother crossover Hyundai Kona, will be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show in early autumn 2017. The novelty is focused mostly on young and active driver.

Stylish appearance and variety of colors of the body will not allow the crossover to get lost in the crowd. The compactness of the vehicle makes it ideal for getting around the city, and the availability of all-wheel drive versions allows you to comfortably move around and beyond.

The design of the body of the new Kia Stonik

Externally, the novelty looks quite modern and dynamic. The design of the body executed in compliance with the traditions of the brand and the trends of contemporary automotive fashion. Quite discreet and sleek design of the car are complemented by bright accents in the form of contrast color a-pillars, roof and door mirror rear view.

The front end of the compact crossover is characterized by medium-sized grille original form, stylish led lights exterior lighting, massive bumper with large air intake. Ribs on the bonnet give the new product more solid and masculine look.

Correct body proportions, flared wheel arches, the presence of roof rails and plastic protective pads at the bottom of the body emphasize the belonging of the car to the crossover, though, and compact.

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The rear has a compact boot lid, tail lights with three-dimensional graphics, massive bumper with a plate under aluminum.

Dimensions the Kia Stonic 2017-2018

The exact parameters of the body of new items not yet reported. It is assumed that the new member In the class will be very close in size to the Hyundai platform Kona.

Cabin and interior of the compact crossover Stonik

The interior of the compact crossover pleased with the quality materials and precision Assembly. For future owners of new items the possibility of choosing color schemes for interior depending on the exterior paint.

The whole interior of the car is designed by analogy with the hatchback Kia Rio the fourth generation. It features an informative instrument panel, a multifunction steering wheel and ergonomically designed Central console, a little expanded towards the driver’s seat.

The car offers a comfortable fit for the driver and four passengers.

The front seats feature excellent lateral support and anatomical shapes of the backrest. For passengers of the second row provides a significant supply of space for legs and the head.

Picking Kia Stonik

The car will be offered to the buyer in several fixed configurations. Already in the basic version of the car will be equipped with entertainment system with 7-inch touchscreen, six airbags, air conditioning and other options. In the more expensive versions will present a multimedia device with a display diagonal of 8 inches, climate control, cruise control, etc.

Protection during the movement provides the following active safety systems:

— Monitoring lines;
The emergency braking system;
— Notification system for emergency situations;
— The emergency braking function;
— Help with movement on descent and ascent.

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Technical details of the new Kia Stonic

Under the hood of the new compact will be one of the following power units:

  • Turbocharged petrol four-cylinder 1,0 l — 100 or 120 HP.;
  • Atmospheric four-cylinder petrol 1.4 liters and 140 HP.;
  • Diesel turbocharged 1,6 l — 110 and 136 HP

Transmission — 6-speed manual or 6-band gun. The car will be offered in front-wheel and all-wheel drive execution.

The price of the car and start date of sales

To buy a novelty in Europe will be soon after the opening, in October 2017. According to preliminary information, the price of the basic configuration is 17 thousand euros (1136 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate).

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has no plans to sell the car in the Russian market.

Video Kia Stonik 2017-2018

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Review of Kia Stonic 2017-2018

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