One of the Largest Social Justice Warrior Subreddits Accused of Being Racist

One of the Largest Social Justice Warrior Subreddits Accused of Being Racist

When you live by an ideology that everything is racist, it’s not surprising the accusation will eventually be hurled your way.

Never has this been truer than with the self righteous lefty video game culture warriors at Reddit’s GamerGhazi. The sub, which started as a anti-Gamergate discussion group, eventually turned into a general social justice forum after most of the e-drama died down. It focuses on all things racist and sexist, and after a few hours of scrolling through, one can only conclude the world is terrifying and full of racist boogiemen.

But who woulda thunk even a group of battle-hardened social justice warriors could be racist themselves? In a post yesterday on the Blackladies subreddit, a redditor, acenanoor, accused Ghazi of being a haven for “white feminism” and “white fragility.”

She cited one thread where a Ghazi user tried to defend some white students who belted black students with bananas as being “just kids” (the Ryan Lochte excuse) and another thread where she got pushback for suggesting that white face in Japan is not offensive.

What set her off the most was a thread where Ghazi members blamed Trump support on white men. Acenanoor blames Trump’s rise on all white people and took umbrage at Ghazi’s attempt to remove white women from the equation.

“Do white women think they are incapable of being racist?” she said.

The other /r/blackladies commenters also had harsh words to say about the “white feminists” at Ghazi.

White women are the worst group when it comes to acknowledging their racial issues. Flat out. It’s generally just a matter of time before they reveal how race-blind they are behind something like this.

I genuinely believe most of them will deal with someone like Donald Trump as long as they get to sit a couple rungs above Black and brown people, especially women, since they’re pretty safe if PoC men rise to the top (they still go hard for their version of femininity and womanhood).

Harsh. Well, we’ll see how long Ghazi can keep their air of self righteousness knowing people of color aren’t too keen on their “white” brand of social justice.

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