Mom Giving Birth Has No Idea Just How Amazing Her Corgis Are, Then Photographer Shows Her These Pics   Other

As a birth photographer, each chance I get to document a home birth is special, but this family holds a special place in my heart. I’ve had the honor of capturing the births of two of Brooke’s three children. In each case, she had a very special family member there to help her through the experience. Show Full Text I remember with the first, the birth of her son
20+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Boxers Are The Weirdest Yet Most Adorable Dogs Ever   Other

Boxers are the best! They are bundles of fun, bright, goofy and always up for some playtime. This loyal and faithful dog gets an incredibly strong bond with its family, and while they are not at all aggressive they are brave and can be mistrustful of outsiders, making them good guard dogs. Show Full Text We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list that celebrates the
Guy Films Bear Chilling In His Jacuzzi Drinking A Margarita, But It Doesn’t End There   Other

A few days ago, Mark Hough from Altadena, California set out to enjoy a margarita in his backyard but an uninvited guest interrupted his plans. “So I got up, looked over in the bushes and lo and behold there’ a bear climbing up over my fence,” Hough told the Associated Press. Intrigued by the surroundings, the beast instantly abandoned whatever plans it had and
Feeling Good from the Inside Out   Other

“The Monika Hibbs team created this post as a paid ambassador for Align® Probiotic. All opinions and advice are our own and we only work with companies we genuinely love and have used prior to being contacted.” Our MH team is a group of busy, working mamas who are always looking for ways to stay healthy and keep our energy up. We thought it might be fun to share
Woman Live-Tweets Two Strangers Flirting On A Plane, And It Gets More And More Intimate With Each Tweet   Other

A simple seat swap on a plane has just turned into the most romantic story in the history of the internet. Actress Rosey Blair boarded a plane with her boyfriend and asked a woman to switch seats so they could sit together. The woman agreed, and Rosey jokingly told her boyfriend, ‘I hope she meets the love of her life.’ Someone in charge of fate must’ve heard her.
Hello, July !   Other

Hello July!!! After a small break over here on MH we are slowly back at it and starting off with our monthly digital dowload. July has already been off to a great start as  Monika and her family welcomed the arrival of sweet little baby Blake. He is just the most precious little guy and all of us on Team MH are smitten with him! This month’s digital download (available
Employee Tells Manager She Can’t Come To Work Because Her Son Is On Life Support, Her Response Costs Her Her Job   Other

When a loved one is seriously ill, you would expect a degree of sympathy and understanding from your workplace, wouldn’t you? Sure, your job is important, but nobody would expect you to put it ahead of the lives of your family! Show Full Text Spare a thought for Crystal Reynolds Fisher, of Albion, Michigan. Her 18-year-old son fell seriously ill with a suspected case
Maternity Shoot… Baby No. 3   Other

I can’t believe we are now officially into JUNE!!! This is a big month for our family, we’ll be welcoming our sweet baby number three in less than three weeks! My pregnancy went by so quickly, yet I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever. Overall, I’ve had a great pregnancy. To be honest, I’ve kept busy and have been occupied with work, family days and some
Summer Hats To Love   Other

I love the idea that one or two great accessories can make your look! Being a busy mom means I’m constantly throwing on a simple summer dress or jeans and t-shirt, and this season I find myself elevating my look with a great hat. A basic summer straw hat is perfect for heading to your local farmer’s market and a structured statement one worn to a wedding or garden
After Seeing These 10+ Women Remove Their Makeup You Will Never Be Able To Trust Anyone Again   Other

It’s a fact that beauty standards and different perceptions vary a lot across the world, not to mention that each person has his own understanding. After the rise of social media, the cult of beauty became so important that some people even go an extra mile to look pretty just for the appearance on the internet. Show Full Text In different parts of Asia, e.g.