Flower Cornflower garden The Latin name of this flower is "Centaurea cyanus", which translates as "the blue flower of the Centaur". According to legend, the centaur, wounded by Hercules, was cured with the help of a cornflower, attaching it to the wound. Hence the name. In Slavic mythology, too, has its own explanation. There lived, ostensibly, the boy Vasya and fell

Flower Antennaria - cat's foot In the popular language this plant is called a "cat's paw". On the feet are similar flower buds of this herbaceous plant at the end of flowering. This is one of the few plants that everyone can grow. There are no special requirements for the care of antennas. You can easily buy this attractive flower. This plant is considered to be

Flowers Garden roses All true fans of these beautiful flowers are looking forward to the beginning of the "Rose season". Throughout the summer you can enjoy these majestic and fragrant creatures of nature. Their beauty can be spoken endlessly. And every time you see this variety of colors and shades, you do not cease to admire them. Real growers are waiting for arrival

Flower Godetia These flowers are attracted by their numerous shades and bright colors. Petals are like light pelerines. The native land of the plant is California. In this part of America, the flower is called "The Godly Goddess", in honor of the famous botanist from Switzerland, Ts. Gode. Godecia is completely unpretentious. Cultivation and care for this plant is

Flower Matrona Vespers or Night Violet These extraordinary flowers can be recognized with their eyes closed - for a unique pleasant aroma. When the sun slopes towards the sunset, this fragrance only intensifies. Night violet in translation from the Latin language is called Matrona's night. In her family there are more than 30 species. In Europe, a night violet appeared

Flower Forget-me-nots Forget-me-nots are attributed to annual or perennial herbaceous flowers from the family Burachnikovs. About these modest and attractive flowers of blue color with a yellow center know many (sometimes there are specimens with pink and white petals). The plant has a low stalk and large, oblong leaves of different shades. The size of the forget-me-nots

Flower of Kobeja Kobeja is an amazingly beautiful decorative liana of the family of the Bug. It comes from the humid mountain forests of South America. And his name was given in honor of the Spanish monk Barnabas Kobo, a famous naturalist. The kobei have very tenacious climbing stems, often reaching six meters in length. Multiple tendrils help the plant to cling

Flower Brunner large leaf Today, even in gardening with considerable experience, it is difficult to find a site not ennobled with elements of landscape design. In addition to growing vegetables and berries, gardeners are increasingly decorating their plots with various decorative crops. Great popularity was gained by Brunner, due to its decorativeness and unpretentiousness.

Flower Brugmansiya Brugmansiya is a treelike bush with unusually beautiful and fragrant flowers - gramophones. The plant belongs to the family of Solanaceae and prefers to grow in a tropical and subtropical climate. Popular types of brugmansii Aromatic brugmansia or fragrant (Brugmansiasuaveolens) - this species is called fragrant or fragrant. The native land of this

Flowers Rosa Parise Charm A variety of tea-hybrid roses Parise Charm was bred in Germany in 1965. It appeared as a result of crossing such famous varieties as Prima Ballerina and Grandiflora Montezuma. The special ornamentality of this plant is given by bright, thick-flowered flowers. Planted in the open ground roses Paris Charm will become a real decoration of any