Lunar rituals and omens People believed and continue to believe that if a growing moon is taken out or brought to the street by a child, then it will grow better. New Moon was considered a bad time for conceiving a child. Such a child will be born weak, sick, will be subject to the evil eye and other troubles. In the days of the moonless, you could not take the baby

Moon cleansing rituals Rituals and rituals at the full moon The Full Moon is the most favorable period for carrying out the rituals of purification from the negative – this concerns both rituals for cleansing the space, and rituals for purifying the aura, removing the spoiling, getting rid of all unnecessary. The light of the full moon is illuminated by those things

Lunar rituals to attract wealth Ritual for attracting wealth Ritual is necessary to do at night on a full moon. It is very important that the sky is clear and the moon can be seen on it. Take a cup and pour clean water into it to the middle. In the cup, throw a silver coin (in color). Put the cup on the window sill or on the balcony (if there is a possibility –

Lunar rituals for the fulfillment of desires Ritual for the fulfillment of desires in the full moon This ritual must be done on the first full moon after your birthday. You need to write on paper all your material desires – for example, a house, a car, a sum of money, etc. It is very important that your desires are sincere. When you have written down all your cherished

Lunar ritual to be lucky in love As you know, the 1st lunar day is the moment when you can make wishes, think and carry out futile planning. Therefore, to plan your relationship with the opposite sex, you can also use them. If you are ripe for a serious relationship, want to create a family and meet on your way a loved one, then try not to miss this moment. Sit down

Ritual of connection with Moon energy If you want the tuning process for the Moon rhythms to happen to you as quickly as possible, try to perform the ritual of connecting with the lunar energy in the first full moon. This, by the way, is a female privilege. It is the woman who tunes in to the Universe, to the Cosmic Mind through the Moon, and the man can only be tuned