People Are Sharing The Best Hiding Places To Hide Your Valuables From Thieves   Other

Do you hate people touching your stuff? Are you paranoid that burglars are stalking your home? How about that stash of questionable material on the dark red flash drive that sits haphazardly in your nightstand drawer? Whatever your reasons are for wanting to keep something completely camouflaged, we’ve got you covered. This declassified list from the Bored Panda
Our Christmas Style at Home spread!   Other

As you may have seen, we were featured in Style at Home’s December issue. We are so grateful for the opportunity – it was our fifth spread in their magazine! (Thank you, Style at Home!!) I’m excited to share a few more photos and recipes from the spread with you today. We went in a different direction than usual, opting for a more traditional look and richer,
My favourite Christmas cookie   Other

Isn’t it amazing how a simple taste of a treat can flood you with all kinds of memories?! After we whipped up these cookies using Fleischmann’s yeast, I was instantly transported back to my childhood with my first bite. It was amazing! It is one of my favourite Christmas cookies from when I was a little girl These simple, not-too-sweet Polish cookies are almost
20+ Times People Asked Strangers To Take Their Picture And Deeply Regretted It Later   Other

We all have that one friend who is always behind the camera taking pictures of us but never appears in any picture him/herself. There are also moments while traveling when you‘d love to have the memory immortalized with everyone who was there with you and you have no choice but to ask someone around to take a picture. And not all the strangers are great photographers,
Photographer Shoots Finnish Forest Animals Like They’re Professional Models, And We Can’t Stop Looking At Them   Other

Helsinki-based artist Joachim Munter invites you to step into the fairytale-like wildlife of Finland. Viewing his portraits of local forest animals, you instantly feel an intimate connection with the subjects. Show Full Text Upon first glance, these animals look like they were trained. From a curious fox to a hungry squirrel, Munter builds such a strong bond with the
Every Year These 4 Friends Take The Same Christmas Photo, And The Way They Change Is Amazing   Other

Christmas is a great time to reconnect with family and friends, and the photos taken with them each year show how much everyone has changed with the passing of time. Four friends have taken this classic tradition to the extreme by not only posing together for a holiday portrait each year, but recreating every last detail of a group shot they captured back in 2009, and
7 Sweet Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Little Things   Other

People tend to think that love can only be shown with grand, extraordinary gestures that the world can see. It’s arguable, though, that ‘true’ love exists in the small and seemingly mundane, yet intimate moments shared between two hearts. Auckland-based, Korean-born artist Lynn Choi is acutely aware of this fact, and has crafted a few illustrations that brilliantly
Couple Saw This DIY Bookshelf Design Online, But They Had No Idea It Would Turn Out So Good   Other

We all lived through a Pinterest phase at some point. No wonder – the page can easily get you hooked with all sorts of inspiring pictures, from design to fashion and photography. Show Full Text In some cases those pictures can’t be just pinned and forgotten, they need to be made in real life. This was the case when Jessica and Sinclair Breen found a picture of a
One Reddit User Got Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa, And Here’s What She Received   Other

“What to do when Bill Gates sends you a 30lb Pusheen” is not a headline you read every day, but for one lucky Redditor, it’s a sentence that will forever define Christmas 2017. Show Full Text It’s well-known that Microsoft mogul Bill Gates is a regular participant in Reddit’s annual Secret Santa exchange, and each year, he showers his giftee with the most
20+ Times Trolls Had The Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas Ever   Other

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Santa Claus or not, we can all agree on one thing – everyone loves getting gifts. And although Christmas is primarily a time to be selfless and generous, some savage trolls view it as the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of fun at their family or friends’ expense. Bored Panda has collected some of worst (or