Finnish Photographer Shoots Real Life Angry Birds, And We Can’t Finish Looking At Them   Other

Ossi Saarinen is a nature photographer based in Finland. He has been photographing different types of wild animals in Finnish nature but his bird photos always the ones making everyone “awww”. Show Full Text Somehow many birds appear in his photos as real-life versions of Angry Birds. They are grumpy, cute and funny at the same time. From blue tit, long-tail
20+ Brutally Honest Reactions To The Gun Situation In America That Will Make You Think   Other

The horrific mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida, has reignited protests for meaningful political action in the United States. According to Quinnipiac Poll, an independent, non-partisan public opinion poll, currently 66% of American voters support stricter gun laws, and it’s the highest level ever measured. People are expressing their thoughts about
Teacher In Ghana Teaches ‘MS Word’ On Chalkboard, And You Have To See It From Up Close To Really Appreciate It   Other

A Facebook post by a teacher in Ghana has gone viral and won the hearts of many people, thanks to his unusual and improvised methods of teaching ICT (Information and Communications Technology), without a computer! Show Full Text Owura Kwadwo, originally from Kumasi, Ghana, spoke to Bored Panda about his experiences teaching ICT in a rural farming community, which lacks
Rare Kitten Born With ‘Two Faces’ Grows Up Into The Most Beautiful Cat Ever   Other

We usually stay away from two-faced people, but there’s nothing more adorable than a kitty with two-toned fur. Recently, professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat shot Narnia, an adorable British Shorthair cat in its home in France, and the pictures are making headlines all over the internet. Show Full Text Labat has purrfectly captured the unique looks
MH Crush: Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen   Other

I’m so, SO excited to introduce you to today’s MH crush: Jacquelyn Clark of Lark & Linen! I first met Jacquelyn when we were both on a Blogpodium panel in Toronto a number of years ago, and have been following each other ever since! We had an instant connection and she’s always been so supportive of one another. I’m so grateful for her, my fellow
Fresh Hawaii Looks   Other

Aloha! We have had an absolutely lovely time being beach bums for the past week and a bit. My momma heart is full to be able to travel with my family and experience them in all their pool-jumping, sandcastle-building glory! We’re having such a great trip making memories that will last us for a lifetime. I’ve had a ton of questions about our vacation outfits over
Shocked Mom Asks Why Her Black Son Was Put On Front Line During Shooting Drills, Doesn’t Expect This Response   Other

In the wake of the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, parents are having tough conversations with their children about how to prepare for the unthinkable. One of them, Tanai Bernard, a teacher from Texas, had an exchange with her son Dezmond, asking him about safety drills in his school. The single mom wanted to make sure that her 10-year-old boy was taking them

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