Signs and beliefs about the threshold From time immemorial, the threshold leading to the house was given great importance, because the threshold is the border separating those living inside the house from the outside world. Modern magicians refer to the threshold as a special kind of energy, whose task is to store and protect the house from invasion from outside. The

Folk shortcomings about knives Knife is rightfully considered the most dangerous element of kitchen utensils. This product is capable of causing harm not only on the physical, but also on the energy level. That’s why people’s signs about knives are so common, they are called to warn a person about the threatening risk and help to avoid trouble. Why is the

Interesting signs about food and feast For many centuries, our ancestors were closely watched, even for minor events that occurred after a drinking feast. Whether it’s a spoon that has fallen to the floor, runaway milk or cracked bread. No single day in the life of any person goes without food. And people often take part in the feast. However, many do not pay attention
25+ Incredible Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know   Other

Nothing makes you more of a nuisance than sharing random trivia without any context. Broadening our knowledge about the world, however, is something we can’t avoid. It’s too interesting and too easy to get lost in. To teach you everything you need to know to bore people to death we’ve compiled some of the most surprising truths from Fact Republic. Show
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna   Other

Even though I’m enjoying a sunny beach vacation down in Hawaii, I hear our house is currently covered in a fresh layer of snow!!!! In light of the chilly winter weather, I’m excited to share a new roasted vegetable lasagna recipe with you today. Lasagna is one of the coziest, most comforting meals. I love how I can use up a variety of vegetables in this recipe.
Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds That Will Help You Choose Your Next Dog   Other

There are so many dog breeds, it’s incredibly easy to mistake one pooch for another. Luckily, Grace Gogarty a.k.a. Little Tunny has created a comprehensive comic series that will help you identify most doggos. Show Full Text The artist has divided their work into three parts – big, medium, and small dog breeds, so no k9s are left behind. Great Danes? Check.
I Started Making Comics 1 Year Ago To Express My Kind Of Humour   Other

Hey, I am Shreya. I started making comics somewhere around the beginning of 2017, to express my kind of humour, which mostly revolves around a random combination of weird and cute. Show Full Text Expressing the key parts of my ideas in forms of little, compact, and succinct pieces of doodles, put together, is what that drew me into making webcomics. Events from my daily
22+ Powerful Illustrations By Japanese Artist That Will Make You Think   Other

A picture is worth a thousand words… At least that’s exactly how people feel when seeing illustrations by a mysterious Japanese artist Avogado6. Show Full Text The illustrator and video editor doesn’t share many personal details about his life. “I am an ordinary person who likes chemistry,” he writes on his Twitter profile, but the works
Barber Tells This ‘Shy’ Insurance Man To Grow A Beard, And It Ends Up Transforming His Life   Other

If our list of men before-and-after growing a beard didn’t convince you that males look way better with facial hair, this story definitely will. Gwilym Pugh was a 21-year-old businessman man who started a successful insurance company in his spare bedroom. However, working from home and injuries made him gain a lot of weight. 280 pounds, to be exact. But his life-damaging
Coconut Tomato Bisque with Turkey Meatballs   Other

Keeping with the theme of staying on the healthy side of things, here is a s siupermple tomato soup with turkey meat balls recipe sure to satisfy all of your cozy cravings. It’s made with coconut cream, yet you would never know! You might remember me sharing it over on my Instagram stories in January. It is soooo delicious, as well as filling and super quick