Stone Talisman of Cancer, Moonstone Moonstone (adularia) is a sodium-calcium calcium silicate with a milky-blue glow and a magical play of light. Moonstone from the coast of the White Sea is called belomorit. The so-called black moonstone is a labrador. As a talisman enhances the lunar qualities of the owner (emotionality, protective instincts, love of home, craving

Stone Talisman of the Lion, Yantar Amber is an excavated resin of light yellow, orange, red, brown and even white colors. He is one of the very first precious stones known to mankind. The symbol of the Sun – amber decorated the crown of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Perhaps, amber was the first gem, which ancient people used to treat and decorate. There

Stone mascot of the Virgin, Jade The color of jade is from black-green to almost white. A white translucent jade is called jadeite. Until now, in China, it is called a clot of love and believe that the stone of spirits gives sweet dreams, the victory over dark forces both outside and inside a person, preserves beauty, protects against diseases. It is also called the

Stone mascot Libra, Opal White or black stone with a strong opalescence effect. For hundreds of years, evil glory was dragging behind the opal. It was considered a symbol of secret passions and impermanence (with prolonged exposure to the sun opal dehydrates and loses its iridescence), a stone of deceptive hopes and illusions. History says that fearing trouble, the English

Stone mascot Scorpio, Aquamarine Aquamarine – a kind of beryl of light greenish-blue tones, the color clearly shows only on a clean blue or blue background. The color is caused by an admixture of iron. The sun can fade. It is easy to confuse with a pale sapphire or topaz. Its sign is two-color in a different direction of viewing. As a talisman develops courage,

Stone Talisman of Sagittarius, Amethyst Amethyst is a quartz, colored with iron in purple color of different thickness, up to slightly noticeable. Under the long exposure to sunlight, a dark amethyst can turn pale. As a talisman gives prudence, courage, deliberate courage. Promotes meditation, helps the soul create lasting values, brings fame to the arts (if a person

Stone mascot of Capricorn, Rubin Ruby is a scarlet transparent stone, appreciated in the East above diamond. Its main magic property is to give birth to attraction to the great. On the hand of a noble person, he leads to victories, gives happiness in love and warns of the danger of changing colors. He gives protection from negative energies, strengthens the heart, regains

Stone mascot of Aquarius, Grenade Garnet (from Latin “granum” – grain) combines a group of highly variable in color silicates containing various cations. Six kinds of pomegranate are distinguished in composition: fire-red pyrope (magnesium-aluminum), yellowish or greenish grossular (calcium-aluminum), orange spessartine (manganese-aluminum), transparent

Stone mascot Fish, Pearl From where do the shells that are caught in the depths of the oceans take these rounded, with delicate splendor particles? The Greeks claimed that it was the hardened tears of the oceans, sea nymphs. In the Middle Ages, a poetic legend was told that tears of orphans and innocently offended, angels close in shells, turning them into a jewel. Now

Lunar rituals and omens People believed and continue to believe that if a growing moon is taken out or brought to the street by a child, then it will grow better. New Moon was considered a bad time for conceiving a child. Such a child will be born weak, sick, will be subject to the evil eye and other troubles. In the days of the moonless, you could not take the baby