20+ Times People Miraculously Avoided The Biggest Disasters   Other

Relief. There are few feelings as sweet as relief, that warm glow you get as you exhale deeply into a huge ‘PHEW!’ and you realize that a huge shitstorm has just been narrowly avoided. Show Full Text Here at Bored Panda, we have compiled a list of just those moments, some more serious than others. From almost dunking the spoon handle in soup (the horror), to narrowly
Adorable Valentine’s Cards [Printables]   Other

I hope I’m not the only mum who is always rushing around last minute, trying to find Valentine’s cards for my kids to give to their friends and cousins. When I do end up finding some, they often aren’t the cuuuutttttest. We end up settling for what we can find and, while my kids are happy, sometimes I wish I could have been more creative! This year, I wanted
Guy Spends Almost A Year Gluing 42,000 Matches To Make A Giant Sphere, Sets It On Fire   Other

Often we come up with a random yet intriguing idea but it remains just that, an idea. However, wallacemk was playing around with matches and such a fascinating thought crossed his mind, he just had to follow it. Show Full Text Fast-forward almost a year, and his project is taking over the internet. “It took about ten months and I think the cost was around $500,”
Treat Yourself! xo   Other

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! Hope you’re having an absolutely LOVE-ly day! While you share your love with friends and family, we wanted to make sure you also take a moment to treat another important person in your life: Yourself! Take a moment to treat yourself to a little something special today – maybe it’s a cute pair of shoes you’e had an eye on, something
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In case you missed it over the weekend, we made a big announcement over on Instagram: I’ve signed a book deal with Penguin Random House!!!! (Check it out the announcement here.) I can hardly  believe that we are working on my first book! Something I’ve wanted to check off my bucket list for years! It will be a lifestyle book full of my favorite recipes
20+ Hilarious Tweets By Single People That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry   Other

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! For many of us this means joy and romance, but for others it is simply a reminder of how lonely and undesirable they are. And of course there are plenty of people who think that the whole thing is a fake, materialistic day for gullible people who can’t think for themselves and need cues on how and when to act. Show Full Text What

Signs and superstitions about spiders A spider is difficult to call a normal animal. The American Indians considered him the creator of the universe, in Australia he was worshiped as a solar character, and the Celts, the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks saw in the web of destiny itself. Christians associate the thread spun by the spider with the devil’s trap, whereas

Superstitions and omens of hair Negative magical effects using human biological material are common. Hair is considered one of the most suitable material for this purpose. With their help, black magicians induce spoilage, which can cause serious problems, illnesses and even death. Our ancestors were well aware of this kind of witchcraft, tried to recognize it in time

Signs for the night: what can and can not be done Night is the time when dark forces are rampant. Our ancestors tried without special need not to go out into the street after dark and right up to the dawn. Naturally, the people have a lot of signs and beliefs about the night, which we will tell you below. Bad signs at night At night and generally after sunset you can

15 winter signs Winter is a magical time when the Higher Forces give many signs through which you can know your destiny. After all, many winter signs can predict the future. Be attentive to the tips of nature and weather, to make friends with luck and avoid trouble. If you make a wish for the bullfinch seen for the first time this winter, it will come true. Especially