Rosól: Immune-Boosting Chicken Noodle Soup   Other

I am so excited to share this recipe with you all! It’s such a special recipe in our family, simply because it’s from my mama’s kitchen and brings back so many childhood memories! I posted a quick Insta-story over on my Instagram page and had an overwhelming response from readers either requesting the recipe or sharing that you grew up with this homemade
Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Epic Photoshop Fails By World Famous Photographer – Can You Spot Them All?   Other

All the ingredients were there for the ultimate photoshoot. Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz behind the lens, a gorgeous setting and 12 of the biggest Hollywood stars out there, including Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. Show Full Text What could possibly go wrong? It is one of the world’s most prestigious magazines,
Hilarious Photos Of Cat Falling In Love With A Heater During Cold Weather Will Make Your Day   Other

It’s been pretty cold lately! With record-breaking low temperatures across much of the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is finding ways to keep warm and cozy from the freeze outside. Japan is no different, with heavy snow in Tokyo bringing snowmen out on to the streets recently, and it’s not just the people who are feeling chilly! This is Busao the cat, and
20+ Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things, And It Will Change The Way You See The World   Other

The Inside Of This Guitar Looks Like An Apartment I Can’t Afford source Looking Into A Theatre From Behind The Stage source Tortoises Have The Weirdest Looking Skeletons source So Apparently A 9 Volt Battery Is 6 AAA Batteries Taped Together source This Is What The Underside Of A Lilly Pad Looks Like source The Inside Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Is Empty source Ever
Our Dog Was Getting A Human Sister, So I Built Her A Room Under The Stairs – It Turned Out Better Than Expected   Other

Molly the Westie found out she was going to be a big sister to a little human so I decided to build her a room of her own under the stairs before the baby arrived. Nothing existed there before, it was walled-in. I wasn’t sure how big the space was, or if it would even be possible, so was very happy with the end result… as was Molly! We are currently doing
Heavy Snowfall Hits Tokyo, And The Results Are Pretty Much What You’d Expect   Other

Heavy Snow Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy Snow Tokyo source Heavy Snow Tokyo source Heavy Snow Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy Snow Tokyo source Heavy-Snow-Tokyo source Heavy
Waiter Gets Frustrated When Customers Tip Him Only $3.28, Doesn’t Expect This Surprise The Next Day   Other

First impressions can be very hard to change, but these teenagers did everything they could. Celebrating their homecoming, a group of 13-year-olds went to a restaurant. Due to their young minds, however, they didn’t reward their waiter with an appropriate tip. “Nothing more frustrating than when I get little to nothing for a tip and the customer is smiling
10+ Of The Best Signs From The 2018 Women’s March   Other

A year on from Donald Trump’s inauguration women have taken to the streets once again, as a follow up to last year’s Women’s March. Proving that this movement here to stay, thousands of women turned out to voice their displeasure with the current administration in Washington D.C. and just like last year, they have made some hilariously creative and
These 30+ Photos Of Ingo The Dog And His Owl Friends Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today   Other

Some friendships might seem unlikely, but in reality, move mountains and melt hearts. A few years ago we wrote about a beautiful, yet uncommon, the friendship between a shepherd dog Ingo and an owl Poldi and today we present even more feathered friends of the pup. Ingo and friends are the members of Tanja Brandt’s family who is an incredible animal photographer.
Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At These Cops Who Ticketed A Car Made Of Snow With This Note   Other

Simon Laprise has sculpted a full-sized car replica out of snow to fool the snow removal guys, but it attracted the attention of local police officers instead. The 33-year-old Canadian woodworker from Montreal said it was an innocent joke, but the cops even pulled over to write a ticket for the ‘illegally parked’ vehicle. “I did the car to have fun