Popular signs to attract money Monetary signs, traditions, superstitions and beliefs are formed by the people for many generations. Signs to attract money helped our ancestors to multiply and preserve financial benefits. These days they also remain popular. What money like The folk sign says money loves the account. Therefore, in order to attract financial well-being,

Signs about the belt and belt Any belt is a kind of circle, and the circle, as you know, is an ideal form, inaccessible to evil spirits. Through the circle, no evil can break through. That is why our ancestors were so attentive to the belts and wore them literally from birth. If there was no belt on the person, it was believed that he had something to do with the other

Signs and beliefs about the threshold From time immemorial, the threshold leading to the house was given great importance, because the threshold is the border separating those living inside the house from the outside world. Modern magicians refer to the threshold as a special kind of energy, whose task is to store and protect the house from invasion from outside. The

Folk shortcomings about knives Knife is rightfully considered the most dangerous element of kitchen utensils. This product is capable of causing harm not only on the physical, but also on the energy level. That’s why people’s signs about knives are so common, they are called to warn a person about the threatening risk and help to avoid trouble. Why is the

Interesting signs about food and feast For many centuries, our ancestors were closely watched, even for minor events that occurred after a drinking feast. Whether it’s a spoon that has fallen to the floor, runaway milk or cracked bread. No single day in the life of any person goes without food. And people often take part in the feast. However, many do not pay attention

Signs and superstitions about spiders A spider is difficult to call a normal animal. The American Indians considered him the creator of the universe, in Australia he was worshiped as a solar character, and the Celts, the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks saw in the web of destiny itself. Christians associate the thread spun by the spider with the devil’s trap, whereas

Superstitions and omens of hair Negative magical effects using human biological material are common. Hair is considered one of the most suitable material for this purpose. With their help, black magicians induce spoilage, which can cause serious problems, illnesses and even death. Our ancestors were well aware of this kind of witchcraft, tried to recognize it in time

Signs for the night: what can and can not be done Night is the time when dark forces are rampant. Our ancestors tried without special need not to go out into the street after dark and right up to the dawn. Naturally, the people have a lot of signs and beliefs about the night, which we will tell you below. Bad signs at night At night and generally after sunset you can

15 winter signs Winter is a magical time when the Higher Forces give many signs through which you can know your destiny. After all, many winter signs can predict the future. Be attentive to the tips of nature and weather, to make friends with luck and avoid trouble. If you make a wish for the bullfinch seen for the first time this winter, it will come true. Especially

7 ancient signs about the mirror Many know about the magic of mirrors. But in everyday life, with its frantic rhythm, people hardly think what impact this mystical object can have on their fates. A lot of legends, legends and superstitions are associated with the mirror. Over the centuries, our ancestors have noticed what happened after an event involving a mirror surface.