Hilarious Photos Of Cat Falling In Love With A Heater During Cold Weather Will Make Your Day   Japan, Other

It’s been pretty cold lately! With record-breaking low temperatures across much of the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is finding ways to keep warm and cozy from the freeze outside. Japan is no different, with heavy snow in Tokyo bringing snowmen out on to the streets recently, and it’s not just the people who are feeling chilly! This is Busao the cat, and
Heavy Snowfall Hits Tokyo, And The Results Are Pretty Much What You’d Expect   Japan, Other

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Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles Into Anime Characters, And The Result Is Amazing (Part IV)   Japan, Other

Regular visitors to Bored Panda will no doubt be familiar with the incredible artwork of Thomas Romain. He’s a French anime artist living in Tokyo who’s worked on various popular series including Space Dandy, Basquash!, and Aria, but his best ideas are the ones that come from his sons. Show Full Text Working together in what he calls the Father And Sons
Japan, Niigata Botanical Garden   Japan

Japan, Niigata Botanical Garden The Niigata Botanical Garden, spread over 20 hectares of land, includes a dendrological park and a greenhouse. Here you can see a magnificent collection of cherry trees, coniferous trees and tropical plants brought from different parts of the world.
Japan, Biay   Japan

Japan, Biay The name of Biya is also a small town at the foot of Mount Tokachi, and a nearby small pond that attracts tourists from all over the world with its unusual ultramarine color of water. “Blue” pond Biay is located on the left bank of the Bieigawa River on the island of Hokkaido. It is noteworthy, but this pond is not of natural origin, but of artificial
Japan, Fukuoka Tower   Japan

Japan, Fukuoka Tower Fukuoka is a thriving city on the coast of the island of Kyushu, located in the northwestern part of it. It is considered the southern gateway to Japan, through which the traditions of Chinese and Korean cultures penetrated the country for many centuries. The city consists of several districts: the fashion center of Nakashu, Fukuoka, where the samurai
Japan, The Tower of Yokohama Landmark   Japan

Japan, The Tower of Yokohama Landmark The tallest building in the city, the highest viewing platform and the fastest elevator in the world – all this characterizes the Landmark Tower in Yokohama as one of the most modern skyscrapers in Japan. In addition, the tower not so long ago was still the tallest building in the world that was ever built on the island, but
Japan, Aquapark “Ocean Dome”   Japan

Japan, Aquapark “Ocean Dome” Aqua Park “Ocean Dome” (Seagaia Ocean Dome) is recognized as the largest indoor water park in the world, this achievement is fixed in the Guinness Book of Records. Soon, the renewed water park should open after a long reconstruction, lasting for seven years. For all its grandeur, the water park turned out to be a
Japan,Toyota Automobile Museum   Japan

Japan,Toyota Automobile Museum The city of Nagoya is known as one of the three largest industrial megacities and centers of economic activity in Japan after the capital of Tokyo and Osaka. In Nagoya are enterprises of the textile, chemical, metallurgical industry, as well as enterprises of automobile and machine building. The city is also called the Japanese Detroit,