Owner Refuses to Pay for Proper Repairs, Lodging After Leaks Flood Tenant’s Lincoln Heights Apartment

Owner Refuses to Pay for Proper Repairs, Lodging After Leaks Flood Tenant’s Lincoln Heights Apartment

A Lincoln Heights family is without a home to celebrate Thanksgiving due to a severely leaking roof they say the apartment’s owner is refusing to properly repair.

Shortanee Young has been living in the damaged unit alone after sending her two children, 10 and 6, to stay with a relative when the leak erupted Sunday. The building’s owner only got around to fixing it after Young called the L.A. Housing and Community Investment Department, which ordered and urgent repair and described the conditions as hazardous.

Although some of the inhabitable conditions are being addressed, according to Young management has refused to pay for temporary lodging or compensate her for damage to her belongings.

The roof began severely leaking around her ceiling fan in the middle of the night, and Young said before that she had notified management her closet frame was dripping water.

“First it was leaking on Sunday and I told [management], nothing happened. Then 1 a.m. I’m waking up to the ceiling fan pouring down on me,” she said. “I’m trying to find buckets so all my stuff doesn’t get damaged, and next thing you know the ceiling falls on me and it’s raining on me for hours.”

Crews started repairs Tuesday, but Young hasn’t received any reassurance or proof the apartment is safe. She spotted discoloration that looked like mold in the damaged area, but management simply covered it up and ignored her plea to hire a professional inspector, she said.

Not only will this be a forgettable Thanksgiving for the family, but Young and her son weren’t even able to see each other for his 10th birthday on Nov. 22.

“They didn’t want to come and compensate us or even let me stay somewhere until all this renovation is done,” Young said. “They don’t care about me or my children.”

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