Acquit Dream Meaning To dream of a court, legal matters and subsequently a court decision being “acquitted” or cleared of all charges in a dream means that you have to move on in your life. If you are in the physical world you are being challenged by your moral beliefs: in other words, your being challenged to what you think is right and wrong. This dream

Acorn Dream Meaning An acorn represents that situations are going to get better in your life. There is a need of reorganization that you must apply in your life. Make sure your dreams are defined so you can work towards them. This dream also shows the need to give someone a gift of something of relevance, whether that is financial or just emotional support. If you dream

Acid / LSD In Dreams Dreams on acid have been known to be amazing and also terrifying. My name is Flo, I am Psychic and live in Britain, even though I have never taken acid I wanted to spend some time with you detailing what acid could mean from a spiritual sense in regards to your dreams. I must admit I have never taken acid, I had the chance when I was a young teenager

Achievement in dreams A dream that involves some kind of achievement in your life could suggest that there will be a positive outcome from a risk you want to take in real life. I love these kinds of dreams. It is a great feeling to achieve in life and in the dream can result in you feeling happy and contentment. So you dreamed of achieving something? I’m Flo and

Ache Dream Meaning To dream of having an ache may suggest an illness that isn’t yet obvious when awake, but it’s more inclined that this dream represents swollen or painful emotions which can be repressed and may cause a mental problem. This is why you experience an ache in the dream state. Cramps within dreams indicate that there are emotions that may be

Accuse Dream Meaning Did you get accused of something in the dream? You thought you would search for this because of your puzzled about what your dream means? When you have a dream that you are accusing someone in the dream state this means that you will likely have quarrels with the people in the workplace or any other place where you show your wonderful leadership
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