Cool Bevs: Los Angeles Iced Tea Festival   Без рубрики

It’s a question that may be quibbled over by loose leaf lovers for centuries to come: Is a lemon slice a more common (and appropriate) accompaniment for hot tea or iced tea? No one needs to alight upon a definitive answer, for taking lemon, or skipping it, is up to the individual sipper. But there’s little doubt that tea’s warm-weather version is often
Hillary Clinton Campaign Seeks Charisma Boost from… Al Gore?   Без рубрики

Hillary Clinton is having a bad week. She got pneumonia, she almost collapsed, and her lead over Donald Trump in the polls is evaporating. American voters have never really liked Hillary, but she had been benefiting from the fact that they like Donald Trump even less. Until recently, that is. New NBC poll shows danger for Hillary. More important than head to head (Clinton+2),
A Snapshot Of A ‘League Of Legends’ Tournament In Vietnam   Без рубрики

One of Vietnam’s most popular games is League of Legends and I was able to witness the fandom firsthand as an attendee at the GPL quarterfinals and semifinals held in Da Nang, the third largest city in Vietnam, last month.
How Did Pink Become the ‘Girly’ Color?   Без рубрики

Pink razors. Pink earplugs. Pink guns. If you want to market something to, or claim something for, women or girls, best to cover it in a healthy, bright coat of pink. But, err, why? As recently as 100 years ago, pink didn’t have a distinct female connotation in Western culture. While some late 19th-Century texts suggest it did, there were just as many suggesting pink
‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife’ Is Apparently the Rape Joke Making Apple a Toxic Work Environment   Без рубрики

Mic published an article Wednesday that included testimony from an anonymous female employee at Apple claiming the tech company was a toxic work environment. The first evidence of such accusation the source “Danielle” provided was that her male coworkers were “publicly joking about rape.” But the Mic article conveniently left out the actual rape
This teacup-sized Donkey Kong arcade cabinet actually works   Без рубрики

Once the pinnacle of technological achievement (at least as it pertains to video games), Pac-Man and Donkey Kong have since become beloved relics of our forgotten arcade past. Six-foot tall cabinets that once made visits to the arcade, bowling alley or local pizza parlor so amazing are fond memories of most of our childhoods. Now, you can play the same games, in all