Common On What Matters To Him Most   Без рубрики

Common wrote his first rap song when he was twelve-years-old. Without a second’s pause, he can still easily recite it: “Well, let me tell you about a trip a time ago. I was going there to run a cold-blooded show. When I was there, I saw some people jamming, too. They […]
How the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show Came Together   Без рубрики

T trailed the Marc Jacobs show adviser Katie Grand during the 48 hours leading up to the runway in New York.
iTunes is down for many users around the world [Update]   Без рубрики

Update 3: Apple seems to have finally resolved the issue. iTunes is back up. Join the club. Numerous users are reporting iTunes is currently unavailable. So in case you can’t turn on your Apple TV, update your apps or buy your favorite album – you’re not the only one. Apple hasn’t confirmed the outage on the official iTunes Twitter account, but the Twitterverse
Gary Johnson Will Not Be Included in the Presidential Debates   Без рубрики

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced today that it will not allow any third-party candidate to debate alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including Libertarian Gary Johnson. It’s official, Trump and Clinton will be the only ones on debate stage, per commission — Hadas Gold (@Hadas_Gold) September 16, 2016 Johnson
Sony Exec Admits No Man’s Sky PR Strategy Was Bad   Без рубрики

No Man’s Sky was the most hyped game of the year, and also the most disappointing. The number of empty promises that went into pre-release marketing is practically uncountable (although some have tried). Even the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, thought the PR strategy was flawed. “I understand some of the criticisms especially
Fragile Ego: Game Developer Sues 100 Gamers for $18 Million Because They Criticized Its Games   Без рубрики

For video-game developers, harsh criticism is nothing new. In fact, most games are absolutely torn to shreds on release by critics and consumers alike. Typically these developers drown their sorrows in cash, booze, or both. But Digital Homicide is no typical game developer. In March of 2016, it sued game critic Jim Sterling for posting a very unflattering review. They
SF High School Football Team Kneeling for National Anthems   Без рубрики

Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing protest against racial injustice infiltrated a San Francisco high school football team Friday and found a measure of tolerance among fans. Joining together as one unit, players from Mission High School took a knee during the National Anthem before they played the San Mateo High School team – which remained standing. Hillary Clinton