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Lemon meringue is my absolute favourite! So you can only imagine my excitement when our food editor Erin Girard whipped up her famous lemon meringue tart… and share the recipe with her! And oh, my word it’s out of this world. I think the whole MH team agrees that lemon meringue pie is one of our all time favourite desert posts. This version is made with a sweet

Apple released today the sixth beta of the forthcoming iOS 11.3 mobile operating system for supported iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices ahead of the possible March 27 launch. The iOS 11.3 beta 6 (15E5216a) software update is now available for registered developers with a paid and active Apple Developer account, and it appears to include minor bug fixes and improvements,
Offroad Westfalia camper van follows the compass toward the dirt, rock and unknown   News

Westfalia might very well be the most well-known camper van converter on the planet, but its reputation lies primarily in highway-touring VW buses and not so much in dirt and rock-conquering camper van off-roaders. For that, you'd usually be shopping brands like Sportsmobile or Trakka. But with the off-road adventure van segment heating up, and brands as unlikely
I Can Only Imagine devoting an entire movie to one bad song   News

Photo: Lionsgate Movie Review D Director Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin Runtime 110 minutes Language English Cast J. Michael Finley, Dennis Quaid, Madeline Carroll, Brody Rose, Tanya Clarke, Trace Adkins Availability Theaters everywhere March 16 Contemporary faith-based films are usually content to sequester themselves with an audience of true believers, never
Daughter Finds Box With 30,000 Never-Before-Seen Negatives In Attic, Her Jaw Drops When She Develops Them   Other

Some artists don't live long enough to experience the recognition they get. Masha Ivashintsova was one of them. This Russian artist and theater critic had been heavily engaged in the Leningrad (now, Saint Petersburg) poetic and photography underground movement of the 1960−80s. Masha loved photography as it always took a major role in her mysterious and painful life.
Newly single Zayn Malik buys $10M penthouse   News

It’s been less than a week since pop star Zayn Malik and top model Gigi Hadid broke up, but Malik has already moved on — to a $10.69 million Soho penthouse. The split was devastating for the couple’s fans — a combined 66 million Instagram followers and 35 million Twitter followers among them — who dubbed them ZiGi. Malik — who previously broke up with boy
These NYC vintage shops are Hollywood’s style secret   News

Ever wonder where Carrie Bradshaw found the peacock fascinator she wore to the wedding in the first “Sex and the City” movie? Or where Oliver, on the new ’90s-set Netflix series “Everything Sucks!,” gets those period-perfect buttons for his coat lapels? The answers: Chelsea shop New York Vintage and Spark Pretty in the East Village. Wardrobe stylists for film,
Cyclist goes airborne after he’s hit by reckless driver   News

0:35 Cyclist goes airborne after he's hit by reckless driver North Wales police released CCTV footage of reckless driver Jake David Tompkinson hitting a cyclist, who went flying through the air. This week, Tompkins was sentenced to a year in prison and a two-and-a-half-year ban on driving. Police say Tompkins was driving carelessly and not paying attention at the time
Pepsi thief forgets to cover his face before stealing vending machine   News

0:57 15-foot python found living inside this man’s living room wall Forget the exterminator — time to call a snake charmer. A 15-foot-long python was caught hiding inside the walls of a living room in Bangkok. “This was an unusual place to find the snake,” said one of the rescuers, who hammered through the plasterboard to catch the serpent. “We think it got

If you own an Apple Watch and you have ever wanted to record your heart's rate and rhythm in nervous situations, such as when you're stressed, there's now an app for that, and it's free. Australian iOS and watchOS developer Zachary Simone created an app called HeartMonitor that might save your life someday if you're an Apple Watch wearer. At its core, the app is designed