Full-face SV2 snorkel lets you see clearly and breathe easy   News

If snorkeling is a window into a watery world, it's not much good if that window is too small or fogs up all the time. Wildhorn Outfitters is aiming to address those problems with the second iteration of its Seaview 180 full-face snorkel mask, sporting a wide field of vision, an action camera mount and two separate breathing chambers to reduce fogging and let you
Amma Asante to direct a movie about a Soviet engineer executed for being a spy   News

FX’s The AmericansPhoto: Patrick Harbron (FX) According to Deadline, British actor and filmmaker Amma Asante has signed on to direct an adaptation of David E. Hoffman’s The Billion Dollar Spy. The movie will be about Adolf Tolkachev, the former chief engineer of the Soviet Union’s Research Institute Of Radio Engineering. During the Cold War, Tolkachev lost faith
16 Jokes By Stephen Hawking That Still Make Us Laugh   Other

Stephen Hawking was one the greatest and most intelligent people that have ever lived, and as everyone mourns the loss of this incredible scientist, it's time to remember how important humor was to this man. Show Full Text In a documentary 'Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Mine' the scientist stated that humor will always have a major role in his life as it helped
Comics remember Garry Shandling at documentary screening   News

Comics remembered Garry Shandling at a screening of Judd Apatow’s new doc about the late star. At the premiere of HBO’s two-part “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” at historic club Avalon Hollywood in LA were Adam Sandler, Bob Saget, Kathy Griffin, Pauly Shore, Martin Mull, David Steinberg, Mike Judge, James L. Brooks and too many “Saturday Night Live”
Easter Gifting For Littles   Other

Easter might just be the cutest holidays of the year! Don’t you think? With adorable bunny ears (Did you see our DIY in our last blog post?), pretty pastels and well delicious chocolate, you really can’t go wrong! I’ve received so many questions about Easter ideas for the littles, so here is a round up of not only cute, but unique items too! Perfect for Easter
Zayn Malik probably regrets getting Gigi Hadid’s eyes tattooed on his chest   News

1:21 Zayn Malik probably regrets getting Gigi Hadid’s eyes tattooed on his chest Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have split up, but not before the British crooner got his supermodel girlfriend’s eyes inked across his chest. Malik is far from the first celebrity whose tattoo went from romantic to regretted after a breakup. The list includes Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp,
This woman’s entire world is drenched in the color yellow   News

3:13 This woman's entire world is drenched in the color yellow Call her mellow yellow. Los Angeles resident Ella London is obsessed with the color yellow. “Anything I can make yellow in my life, I will make yellow,” she said, while giving a tour of her sunshine-hued home. Produced by Fanny Texier 2:10 Casting expert reveals secrets of hand and foot modeling Some

Google has updated its Google Assistant for iOS app on Tuesday with initial support for Apple's iPad tablets, bringing the full Google Assistant experience to the iPad for the first time. If you ever wanted to use Google's personal assistant on your iPad tablet, we have some good news for you today as you can now install the Google Assistant for iOS app on your iPad.
Hybrid artificial-natural cells bring together the best of both worlds   News

The more we study natural biological cells, the more we learn about how to control them or build artificial versions. These independent avenues of study have huge potential, but also their limitations. Researchers from Imperial College London have worked out a way to borrow the strengths of each, fusing together living and non-living cells to create tiny chemical factories
DIY Felt Bunny Ears   Other

Do you hear what I hear? Hop, hop, Easter is just around the corner! Aren’t these just just the most adorable felt ears you ever did see? We loved creating this fun little Easter DIY for kids- young and old! Not only are they fun to make, but the kids loved them too! You’ll be sure to keep these headbands for years to come! Head over to your local craft store