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Einstein’s general theory of relativity was confirmed one hundred years ago today. Go to to take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene and explore this discovery in LIGHT FALLS on PBS. Hank faces off against Minute Physics's Henry Reich in a battle of eccentricities, fashion, and plant puns.

Aject Dream Meaning This dream may include the following feelings: utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched. If you are responding to an abject situation (that has made you feel depressed) then this dream indicates that you don’t have the experience to overcome adversity. The other areas of your dream are focused on having great expectations in the

Dreams About Airports To be in a large airport in a dream is associated with something terminating in life. A smaller airport seen in a dream can suggest a heavy problem that will take time to solve. Airports in real life are segmented into landside or airside areas. Generally, in dreams, we often see the landside parts of the airport. This can include parking lots,

Air conditioning dream meaning Was you hot in your dream? Dreaming of air conditioning can mean many different things depending on the details in one’s dream. My name is Flo, I am here for you. I am a psychic with 20 years experience of decoding dreams. Yes, I am old to you or young to the next user. But I can give you the best overview, so let’s crack on.

Air Dream Meaning If your dream involves air, then this is a clear message to make sure you have enough force around you to get through difficult times. If you dream of air in terms of oxygen, then it shows you need to make sure you have elements of your life balanced. The guru of the Golden Dawn system of Magic, Israel Regardie referred our lives to four elements: Earth,

AIDS in dreams Aids featured in dreams is no different than a dream of death in so many contexts. Our dreams can sometimes mess with our heads. Now, in our modern world the advancement of drugs that control aids have meant that it is not such a frightening disease to get as it once was in the 80s. So, did you dream of Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and you

Aging in dreams So welcome! You have reached the best dream dictionary online, well I hope! Elderly people can appear in our dreams in so many ways! Dreaming about old people, or if you are aging yourself, may have several different meanings. An old man can symbolize wisdom and forgiveness, and an old woman — life and death. In general, aging may represent wisdom

Age Dream Meaning Age can crop up many times in a dream. Many of you have contacted me specifically about how age has featured in your dreams. I am here to help you! To dream you are a specific age can have a deep meaning. Seeing yourself old in a dream? Dream of being younger? Dream of a specific age in a dream. I am going to cover all these possibilities. I remember

Agate In Dreams Agate is connected to the strength within. It is used specifically used to overcome nightmares. Many people put agate under their pillow during the night. Superstitions say that this will protect you at night. So pop this stone under your pillow for a great nights sleep. What a lovely stone you could see in your dream. So your here to uncover why you

Afternoon Dream Meaning I am going to cover two things here. Firstly, having a dream during the afternoon and secondly dreaming the time is in the afternoon. There was a study by Levitan and he compared morning and afternoon naps with 22 lucid dreamers. The afternoon nap participants went to bed for approximately 90 minutes to understand the effect on their dreams. The