98824 People Can't Stop Buying The Mazda CX-50

People Can't Stop Buying The Mazda CX-50

Much to Mazda’s delight, the CX-50 has entered 2022 with gusto and, despite being the newest addition to the lineup, is kicking up a sales storm for the brand. To be honest, we’re not surprised. Aside from the handsome styling and premium-feeling cabin, it represents astonishing value in its class. While top models will set you back more than $41,000, the range kicks off at a more palatable $26,800.

In its first month on sale, the automaker managed to shift 1,700 units of the CX-50. It seems SUV-loving consumers are going crazy for Mazda’s freshest model, with CX-50s reportedly spending just three days on showroom floors. In fact, 34% of these cars are spoken for within 24 hours of their arrival. More interesting still is the fact that Mazda retailers are pre-selling examples before they’re even delivered.

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