Polestar Is About To Change Forever
96312 Polestar Is About To Change Forever

Polestar Is About To Change Forever

Assuming all goes well, Polestar’s IPO will raise much-needed funds that’ll likely be invested in R&D, specifically new battery technologies and autonomous driving systems. Polestar is one of the very few electric-only brands right now. Several mainstream OEMs, including Volvo, GM, and Jaguar, have already committed to all-electric vehicle futures but still sell combustion-engined models.

Polestar’s only gas-engined vehicle was the limited edition and now-discontinued Polestar 1 grand tourer. That stunning coupe utilized a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The company said from the get-go that the coupe would be its only model to have a gas engine. We’ll hopefully have more details regarding Polestar’s future very soon.

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