61093 Popular signs to attract money

Popular signs to attract money

Popular signs to attract money

Monetary signs, traditions, superstitions and beliefs are formed by the people for many generations. Signs to attract money helped our ancestors to multiply and preserve financial benefits. These days they also remain popular.

What money like

The folk sign says money loves the account. Therefore, in order to attract financial well-being, it is necessary to follow the following scheme.

Pocket money or finance in your wallet counted 3 times a day – in the morning, at lunch and in the evening (before sunset).
The deferred money for necessary expenses is to be counted every week on Friday after lunch.
New money, only arrived in the family (salary, etc.), you need to count immediately when receiving from someone else’s face.

New money can not be spent immediately, they must be brought into the house, put in a secluded, dark place and leave them there for at least a day.

To make any calculation of money is necessary all alone, indoors, where outsiders can not look.

In addition, banknotes like respect and respectful attitude towards themselves. To do this, you need the following.

Keep all the money in the house in one place and make sure that they are not scattered all over the house.
It is good, if they will be in a safe or a box (box) of red color.
Have a purse of the appropriate size, so that the bills do not crumple or wrap.

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To be in the house money

To have money, you need to always think about it. For example, you can dream about an expensive car, a beautiful home or good money work. Having programmed yourself for financial well-being and prosperity, you can easily succeed in any business. The correct setting and folk features will help.

In the house there will be money, if in all corners to spread out coins with words “let will arrive in my dwelling”.
After leaving guests should shake the tablecloth on the street to make money.
Crumbs from the table should be cleaned only with a cloth, and not in the hand or on the floor. Do not brush the table with your hand.
Leaving the house you need to leave a note of any value near the largest mirror and always so that it completely reflected in it.
In the pockets of clothing hung for the season in the closet, you need to put any bills.
A hung mirror in the kitchen near the table will attract wealth and prosperity to the house.
A broom in the house should be put downwards, and only one broom should be swept into the dwelling.

What you can not do – so that there is no financial loss

After sunset, you can not clean the house, especially sweeping, so you can sweep out your well-being.
Money is not put on the dining table – there will be financial losses or will quickly pass.
You can not exchange large bills for small ones.
To sit on the table is to be poor.
Leave on the table dirty or empty dishes – to the losses.
Whistle in the house – to losses.
Take out the garbage after sunset – be robbed.
You can not give and take money from hand to hand – you can transfer money money to another.

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What does the find and loss of money mean?

Do not pick up trifles and paper money, especially if they were found at a crossroads – you can lose health and strength.
The loss of money outside the home is a good sign, saying that in the near future there will be an unexpected profit. Nothing happens just like that. So, this money was needed to someone.
If money is lost at home or a person can not find a purse in the bag – a bad sign, which means that there are big expenses ahead. The purse feels it and hides. This sign should be paid special attention. Perhaps, it was planned any expensive purchase or investment of money, in this case, the lost wallet warns that it is not necessary to spend your finances now.

When to borrow, give

On Monday you can not borrow money, otherwise finances will not be entered.
To lend money on Tuesday is a bad omen, you can remain in debt for life.
No need to borrow on Sundays – a high probability that the debt will not be returned.
To borrow and give money in the evening – to losses.
You must return your debt in the morning before noon.

What are the lucky numbers on the bills?

A happy bill like a magnet will attract a lot of money into the wallet. How to define it?

According to Feng Shui, number 8 is considered a digital symbol of prosperity and wealth. If in the serial number of the banknote there is a large part of the eights, then the bill will necessarily bring wealth and prosperity.

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Bringing material wealth is a bill, in the number of which there are three sevens. The most successful option, when they are located in a row, one after another. This figure carries a deep sacred meaning and personifies the success and success achieved not by work, but by luck.

Luck will bring and letters of the series, they must match the initials of the owner of the bill. For example, for Inna Vladimirovna, a banknote with an alphabetic series of IV will be successful.

It’s great if you can find a banknote, the numbers on which will correspond to the date of birth. For example, the date 05.12.1979, then in the denomination number in random order there should be such pairs of numbers: 0 and 5.1 and 2, 7 and 9. And both numbers from each pair should stand side by side.

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