Rabbit Horoscope 2018
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Rabbit Horoscope 2018

Rabbit Horoscope 2018


There would be major changes in the life of Rabbit natives for the Chinese year of the Dog. If you would take them in your stride then success is yours, else you are in for deep trouble through the year. Go with the flow, pick up the threads and keep moving. Do what you are passionate and ambitious about in life. And the year would bless you abundantly.


Set up lofty ideals in career and try to achieve them through the year of the Dog. It you ought to succeed, now is the time. Put all your heart and soul into your professional ambitions. Re-tune or adjust your ambitions if you they seem unreachable or unfathomable. Though some delays and hindrances are to expected in the job front for now, perseverance pays. Hard work would pay you rich dividends. Some rabbit natives would have a tough time in getting along with their colleagues and higher-ups this season.


Rabbit people would have many opportunities to improve their financial net-worth through this Chinese year of the Dog. Your idea of saving and spending would change for now. Make careful and clear choices, else you would land in troubled waters. Much finances would come around the end of the year for Rabbit guys.


For the year 2018, there would be frequent emotional upheavals in the life of Rabbit people. This might impact your love relationships. Do not let emotions take over you. This period would be a good time to make changes in your love relationships and ideals. Do some thinking and find out what you really want from your relationships. Lot of communication with partner shall work wonders. Feel free, be sensuous and there would be a romantic spark in your love life.

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During this year, family and friends might peek much into your life. Do have your say and let not your privacy be at stake. Trust your instincts in relationships and get past challenges that come your way this year.


The general health of rabbit natives would not be that good for this Chinese year of the Dog. Laziness and bad diet habits would weight your physical self down. Get out, move, work and avoid indulgences in spicy foods. All negative health impacts need to be taken out of your life for now. Try to shed some weight and get mental work–outs as well for now.


This year of the Dog would provide with some valuable life lessons for Rabbit people. Learn and put them into practical use. Take cues from the past and make the present and future wonderful. Your sense of intuition and perception would be just great this year. Hence use them constructively for positive purposes.

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