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Ritual of connection with Moon energy

Ritual of connection with Moon energy

If you want the tuning process for the Moon rhythms to happen to you as quickly as possible, try to perform the ritual of connecting with the lunar energy in the first full moon.

This, by the way, is a female privilege. It is the woman who tunes in to the Universe, to the Cosmic Mind through the Moon, and the man can only be tuned through the woman. If there is no wise, harmonious woman near by, thinly sensitive, with developed intuition, it is very difficult for a man to catch subtle cosmic signals and act in accordance with the universe. And hardly he can do it. His task is different.

A woman, tuned to the lunar rhythms, makes fit for what a man brings to him: he equips his life, prepares food, nurtures and gives birth to a child, and warns a man of danger or vice versa about luck, feeling it with his whole being. And together they form a single whole, tandem, harmony.

So, this ritual will help you tune in to the lunar energy, adapt to it and live in harmony with the Moon. Conduct it should be slowly, with pleasure. On a full moon, when the sky is clear and full of the Moon is clearly visible, collect a bath half cool, (not hot!) Water. Take a large transparent glass or crystal vessel, scoop water from the bath and leave it for a few minutes on the street, so that moonlight falls on it. Then pour the water back into the tub. Add half a cup of milk, three drops of white wine and a slice of lemon peel.

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Light a white candle and fill the bathroom with smoke from a stick of sandalwood, or drip sandalwood oil into the aroma-kettle. Enter the bath, bathe in the cool water, feeling how the energy of the moon passes through you, soothing and filling with femininity, an intuitive understanding of everything that is happening. After bathing, wipe yourself and go to bed. From now on, it will be easier for you to perceive the lunar rhythms.

Category: Moon rituals

Ritual of connection with Moon energy

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