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Romantic Florals

When I think of romantic florals, I immediately get a Renaissance vibe- don’t you? Items and pieces that you could have in your closet and pass onto your daughter or granddaughter one day. With added layers of ruffles and chiffon, they’re perfectly pretty and timeless! These classic, feminine silhouettes are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Lovely for a date night, vacation, wedding, or, you know, grocery shopping — any time to want to wear them, really!

The delicate muted tones are beautiful – and they’re not exclusive to dresses either! The textured iPhone case,  shea butter hand cream, and fresh floral fragrance are other ways to incorporate florals into your life without wearing them. Perfect if you’re having a hard time committing to the sweet midi dress or peasant top!

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Category: Other

Romantic Florals

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