Rooster Horoscope 2018
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Rooster Horoscope 2018

Rooster Horoscope 2018


This year of the Dog would prove a little troublesome and worried for the Rooster natives. Lots of confusions and turbulences are in for you. There would be troubles from almost all quarters of your life. And you need to make some hard decisions as well through the year. Much commitment and sincere attention to details would get you through the year unharmed.


The career progress of Rooster people would be a little laid back this year. Professional life would be more of a routine for now. New things and projects would be quite elusive for the natives. But then store your energy for the hard times ahead. Try to get into the good books of your higher-ups by meeting up with their standards. Confidence, hard work and commitment would take you to new heights as the year progresses on.


The year of the Dog would be a good and satisfying year for Rooster natives as far as their financial standing is concerned. You would be able to get rid off most of your loans and debts this year. Still you would be able to have some for savings and indulgences. But then make a realistic budget plan and stick to it. Do not make high-value purchases for this period. Their costs would weigh you down financially.


The year of the Dog would be a good year for Rooster people to mend fences in their relationships. Take time to talk and resolve conflicts and forge amicable relationships in love and marriage. If you are not satisfied it is time to walk out of relationships too. Some major decisions regarding marriage and love would be taken through the course of the year 2018.

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A good time for single ones to find their ideal partner for life. Do communicate yourself well for betterment in love. Romance and sensuality would be at the fore this season too. However some Rooster people would have a tough time in relationship, especially the near family. Make sure that the bonds are kept intact despite strong storms. Respect the elders in the family and heed to their advises for goodness in life.


The Rooster natives would be in the pink of their health all through this Chinese year of the Dog. The year would be a great time to start a new exercising regimen. Learn a new sport or join a sports club. But then make sure that you do not stretch a lot, straining you much. A positive attitude towards life would bless you with good physical and mental health all through the year.


Rooster natives are predicted with quite an unstable period in year 2018. Hence they are advised to be patient and work hard. Things ought to be taken seriously and given consideration. Do set achievable goals this year and stick to them. Social and charity works would give you joy and peace in life for the period.

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