73015 Shadows



My brother and I are sitting upstairs in my grandmother’s guest bedroom… We are talking about legends, ghosts, and demons. Y’know, kid stuff. At some point he starts to tell me about this shadow demon, and I remember having read about it previously. I don’t know what happens if you have it, but you’ll know if you do because your shadow will be just a little too slow.

It won’t match up properly with you. We continue talking for what feels like hours, though the conversation is a blur Normally, outside the window you can see the glow of streetlights, but not this time. It’s completely dark. The ceiling fan shakes a bit as it turns, creating a weird, pseudo-strobe effect against the already-unnerving yellow light.

I move my arm to scratch my head, and my brother’s eyes go wide as he sucks in a breath. He points to the backboard of the bed we’re sitting on. When I move my arm back down, my shadow doesn’t follow. I wake up feeling extremely unsettled.

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