Signs and beliefs about the threshold
61049 Signs and beliefs about the threshold

Signs and beliefs about the threshold

Signs and beliefs about the threshold

From time immemorial, the threshold leading to the house was given great importance, because the threshold is the border separating those living inside the house from the outside world. Modern magicians refer to the threshold as a special kind of energy, whose task is to store and protect the house from invasion from outside. The threshold has many magical properties and forms a space around a person according to certain laws.

In fact, the house begins with a threshold. It begins not only physically, but also magical. How magically “strong” and protected is the threshold from the negative from the outside, the owners of the house will be so happy.

Nowadays, unfortunately, this aspect is not given much attention at all, and then they are surprised at why money, luck and prosperity flow out of the house so easily, and negatives and diseases are attacked instead. In many cases, the reason is that the doorsteps in the home of the native can not cope with their protection functions.

How to magically strengthen the threshold

The threshold is strengthened by talismans and amulets. In the old days, even during the construction of the house, a talisman was placed in the threshold itself, a talisman was placed under it, and amulets were hung from above above the threshold. For example, everyone knows a horseshoe, sharp objects or branches of magical plants: wormwood, mountain ash, aspen and so on. Nowadays you can hang a burning pepper.

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Of course, the thresholds of modern apartments are far from the mighty rapids of old houses, but here you can protect yourself. If you can not put a security amulet, then you can either draw it, or draw something sharp on your doorstep. As a drawing, maybe, again, a horse horseshoe or a cross – all this will indicate that the entrance of people with a negative to your house is securely closed.

Signs associated with the threshold

There are many signs associated with the threshold.

Through the threshold, there is really nothing to transfer, otherwise you can lose luck.
Through the threshold is also not recommended to talk – a relationship with that person can deteriorate.
During cleaning, do not start revenge sex from the threshold, otherwise the house can be swept by an unclean force, and sweeping the garbage through the threshold also promises disasters.
Stumbling on the threshold – not good. This means that the path will be unsuccessful and there may be some trouble on the road.
But a particularly bad omen, when the threshold begins to creak, – such a squeak portends illnesses and even death. The creaking threshold must be fixed as soon as possible.

However, the threshold can act as an assistant and even a doctor. So, knowledgeable people advise you to sit for a while on the doorstep, if you suddenly overpowered sadness-melancholy or piled up a bad mood. Also on the threshold sat down and ate a piece of rye bread, sprinkled with salt, if they could not get rid of the longing for another person who had gone to the world.

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Conspiracies and rituals for the threshold

For the threshold to better perform its defensive duties, it can be read conspiracy. One of the most common is this:

“Roll, ride, share a thin, razluchnitsa-kumushnits. Roll – do not drag, do not turn around the threshold, do not cling to the porch, do not hang on the gate! Song of Leschov, crows help. Rolling from the threshold! Amen”.

And here is another conspiracy-guard for the threshold:

“Bring, Lord, past my house all enemies whom I know and whom I do not know, whom I expect and whom I expect. My word is the first, the enemy is the last word. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

And so that everything will work for you, then take it as a habit, every time leaving the house and stepping over the threshold, say these words:

“My strength is beyond this threshold.”

Sometimes people who are either unpleasant, or envious, or more frankly ill-wishers coming to quarrel, can appear in the house, so that such visits are not repeated, after their departure it is necessary to pour salt following them at the doorstep.

If you want to protect your house from spoilage and the evil eye, pour a little salt at the entrance door with the words:

“Everything that comes bad, everything in salt and the earth will go away.”

You can pour salt along the entire length of the threshold (but so that no one will notice), saying:

“Salt-solyushka, do not let the house smell, become a threshold for the house, a guard for the family.”

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Cleaning the threshold in the house from negative energy

Any threshold is a powerful accumulator of negative energy. Therefore, it should be regularly cleaned and washed off the accumulated negative.

For cleansing, you can simply use a broom and three times to put together the native doorstep with the words: “I sweep away sorrows, illnesses, sickness, spoilage, lessons, evil eye, superficial. The threshold is metered, God blessed. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”.

If you feel that simple sweeping is not enough, then use a stronger method of purification. For him you will need salt. Be sure to draw on Friday and at noon with your left hand from the wooden saltcellar three pinches of salt, dissolve them in a bucket of water and this salt water thoroughly wash the threshold three times, reading the plot: “Salt is poured, water soaked, salt does not rot, and spoilage to my house does not stick. Turn away, turn back, go back! Vaughn went, I did not call you. Amen”. The water left after washing can not be brought into the house – it must be poured out at the crossroads.

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