56613 Signs and superstitions about spiders

Signs and superstitions about spiders

Signs and superstitions about spiders

A spider is difficult to call a normal animal. The American Indians considered him the creator of the universe, in Australia he was worshiped as a solar character, and the Celts, the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks saw in the web of destiny itself. Christians associate the thread spun by the spider with the devil’s trap, whereas the Hindus perceive the animal as the Brahma-creator. And it is not surprising that the signs and superstitions about spiders were not only common among our ancestors, but also survived to this day.

Spider: signs and superstitions by time of day

The position of the sun during a meeting with a spider largely determines the “theme” of the prediction. Although superstitions in this case are rather vague. There are several signs concerning when the spider was encountered:

  • in the morning – to suffering, misfortune, trouble;
  • in the daytime – to cares or to great love;
  • in the evening – to receive a gift or a letter;
  • at night – to gain hope.

At the same time, people’s signs about spiders say that if an animal is weaving cobwebs in the morning, then this is a good fate. So, not always everything is unambiguous, and early meetings should not be feared. There is a more reliable superstition – to see in which direction the spider creeps: to man – to luck and good, from it – to bad luck and losses.

Signs and superstitions about spiders in the house

Spiders live almost everywhere. And do not pay attention to superstition, if the house is not cleaned, accumulated a lot of trash and dust: in such conditions, spiders will be got on for once or twice. Another thing is if they appear suddenly and for no reason. For example, a person has just moved to a new renovated apartment – and a few days later discovered in her a horde of spiders, from which no cleaning is saved.

The signs about spiders preferentially focus on where the animal is.

The best known are the following superstitions:

  • Spider on the ceiling – to all kinds of goods.
  • The spider on the wall, on the floor – to the news. Black is for bad news, white for good, red for money.
  • Spider in the corner – to the letter. The formed dense web indicates that the news is late (through the fault of the mail or because of the unwillingness of the sender to report the news).
  • The spider fell on the table – a warning about the enemy. The larger and more unpleasant the animal is, the stronger and more evil the enemy is.
  • The spider in the sink, in the bathroom, in the toilet – to cash losses. Finance “leaks” along with water.
  • A spider on the door to the guests. If the door jamb is braided with cobwebs, the visit will be delayed. A light color indicates pleasant guests, a dark color indicates unwanted ones.
  • A spider on the threshold – to the return of the “prodigal son” or the appearance of an old friend.
  • The spider on the mirror – to the unexpected news.
  • Spider on the window – to money or news.
  • Spider in bed, on the bed – to receive news.
  • A spider on the bed is very happy. But only on condition that the individual is light.
  • Spider in the kitchen – for news related to the family. If the room is constantly accumulated a lot of cobwebs, maybe parting spouses.
  • A spider in a refrigerator, in food, in a cup – to improve material well-being.
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Lonely spiders, not weaving cobwebs, are scouts or messengers. Dark individuals indicate the intrigues of enemies or evil forces, while the bright ones are usually associated with the help of friends or guardian angels.

The presence of cobwebs in a dwelling is associated with “their”, domestic spiders. The situation is similar in color to the light web – “good” (it protects from the negative), the dark one – “bad” (signals the pumping of energy from the house).

People’s signs: a spider on the body – what’s this for?

The main fear of arachnophobe – to see that the spider fell on his hand or ran down his knee. But people’s signs are rather favorable to such an event.

According to superstitions:

  • The spider on clothes – to money. Soon there will be an opportunity to update the wardrobe;
  • The spider descended on the hand – to change the existing situation. If the right side of the body is touched, you can expect profit or increase.
  • The spider, descending to the left hand, predicts a slight financial loss;
  • the spider on the face – fortunately;
  • The spider fell to the head – to a sudden inheritance or other unexpected money;
  • spider in the hair – to find true love;
  • a spider on his shoes, on his foot – to a quick journey.

In general, it is believed that spiders on the body – to a good fate. But in order not to “knock down” the sign, it is unacceptable to destroy the “guest”. In extreme cases, you need to carefully remove it from yourself, or even better, let it go off on your own.

Particular attention should be paid to superstitions by those who are literally pursued by spiders. If animals constantly creep around a person, this is definitely an ulterior motive.

Spiders: signs and superstitions concerning colors

Old people advise always to consider the coloring of the spider. If you believe the people’s signs, then:

The black spider has a strong energy. He comes either before the disaster or before a pleasant event. Depends on the attitude of man: scared spider – to wait for misfortune, and vice versa.
A red spider is always associated with getting, acquiring, accumulating. He portends promotion, financial growth, prosperity, salary increase or a major award. And the achievements will be deserved.
The green spider is associated with luck, luck, some risk. Like red, he predicts money. But in this case, material prosperity can be obtained accidentally and without applying effort. The green spider serves as a harbinger of winning the lottery, inheritance, finding a wallet with a large sum on the street.
The yellow spider indicates the successful completion of some process. Started necessarily give the desired result. If there is a pregnant woman in the house, she will be born a healthy child. The guessed will come true, and the working project will “fire.”
Spider-spider. The animal is poisonous and carries a danger not only on the physical, but also on a subtle level. The cross predicts severe trials, illnesses, death.

The larger the spider, the more pronounced its influence. But pay attention to the number of individuals seen. Sometimes many small spiders are a sign to a more serious event than the appearance of one large animal.

Folk signs about the spider: up and down

Often people see a spider sitting on a cobweb or dangling on a thread woven by it. And if the animal starts moving, a person can immediately get a prediction for himself:

  • The spider goes down – a bad omen. You should prepare for problems, misfortunes, failure.
  • The spider creeps up – a good sign. You can count on luck and pleasant events. Wait for the guests.
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Divination is very common. For example, it is necessary to conceive a question and say: “Spider-spider, what awaits me – joy il kruchina?”

The spider will crawl up, the answer is yes (the wish will come true, everything will go as it should). But if he starts to descend, do not expect a positive outcome of the plan.

Sometimes a spider falls with a spider web. This is for the soonest news.

Kill the spider: a good sign or a bad sign?

Christians know the story of how the spider helped save the death of the little Jesus. On the way to Egypt, Mary and Joseph took shelter in the cave, fleeing from their pursuers. The entrance to it was immediately thickly braided by a spider, and the dove carried an egg into the web. When the persecutors came to this place, they thought that the cave had not been visited for a long time and went on.

Since then, the spider symbolizes salvation and supreme patronage. And the web is correlated with protection against external attacks. Therefore, to kill a spider is a bad sign, foreshadowing:

  • loss of luck;
  • monetary problems;
  • exacerbation of the old disease.

A softer superstition links the killing of this animal with the rapid deterioration of the weather (kill the spider – to the rain). Anyone who accidentally, frightened or ignorantly crushed a spider, must say three times:

“Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, forgive me for peace, do not take revenge on me!”

What if you killed a spider in a dream? Dreamers say that this is a bad omen: the sleeper will soon face problems. Often such dreams portend financial losses.

But there is an exception. To kill a spider is a good sign if it “encroached” on an icon and began to braid it with a web. In this case, the killing of the “blasphemer” promises forgiveness of forty sins. By the way, it is quite possible that such behavior of the spider is connected with impious moods in the house, whose inhabitants do not attend the church, violate the commandments, adhere to the black magic traditions. Animal only displays what is happening around, emphasizing the uselessness of icons for specific people.

Spiders and signs about the weather

The behavior of spiders is judged on the weather for the next few days. The most popular sign, foreshadowing the rain, speaks of killing an animal. But there are several other superstitions:

  • the spider hides – to the rain;
  • The spider weaves the web, then sits down its center – to sunny weather, drought;
  • The spider hammered into a corner – to a strong wind or a hurricane.

Especially convenient if the spider wove spider web on the window or outside the window. In this case, the “weather indicator” will always be in sight.

Signs: a dead spider – to thin or to good?

All living things die, and often without the “help” of man. But how to be the one who finds the dead spider? What to expect?

People’s signs say:

  • to see that the spider is dead, – to problems in personal relationships and finances;
  • throw a dead spider in a trash can – to a loss of luck;
  • to take a dead spider over the threshold – to luck.

There is no unambiguous interpretation of superstition. Therefore, it is better not to dwell on it and just get rid of the “deceased” by taking him out onto the street.

Magic signs about spiders and webs

Spiders are often used in rituals and are strongly associated with magic. For example, it is believed that they love witches and slip to them. Cockroaches, on the contrary, do not tolerate sorcerers and disappear from housing practice. Some believe that spiders are the same for brownies as dogs for humans, and a large number indicates a healthy activity of the spirit.

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But mostly magicians believe that spiders climb into the house in one of the following cases:

  1. Presence of a settler. Spiders often correlate with vampires, absorbing other people’s energy. And if there are settlers in the biofield of a man, then these animals can appear around him. Red spiders point to demons, black ones to dead men.
  2. The induced morok. One of the types of negative sorcerous effect presupposes the obmorization of the object. That is, the victim of enchantments ceases to adequately perceive reality, looking at the world through a “veil”, woven by a magician-enemy. If the spiders weave a lot of cobwebs in the evening, paying special attention to the photos within the framework, there is a considerable probability of serious trouble.
  3. The damage done. Many spiders in the house are evidence of spoilage. And if the individuals are dark, then they worked through the cemetery.
    Cleaned. A feature of any cleansing rituals is their ability to “pin down” the negative. This is manifested through problems with health, breakdown of machinery, the flow of pipes, etc. But another sign of the beginning of cleaning is the large spiders in the apartment or house that appeared “out of nowhere”. Usually the “invasion” ends after the ritual reaches the goal.
  4. Performed magical work. Many practitioners notice that animals always find themselves near them during rituals. Spiders do not climb on a person, but simply are in close proximity to him.

Mages respectfully treat the eight-legged “comrades”. They do not kill them, if necessary, taking them outside the threshold and letting them go free. The maximum that the sorcerers allow themselves is to carefully clean the web from the corners. And then: its small amount is considered useful for the home, as it serves as a natural filter from the negative. And the spiders themselves are excellent guards, driving out evil spirits.

Why are the signs about the spider working?

Even skeptics notice how true the people’s signs are: a spider has climbed – something will happen. But why do old superstitions really turn out to be working information?

It’s all about the animal’s biofield. Spiders feel energy crises, accompanying any events – both good and bad:

  • With a positive incident for a short time, an overabundance of energy is formed. A knowledgeable person uses “surpluses” to further build up his destiny, lay people – just give them to unwind. Spiders also come to enjoy energy “cream” while they are. Therefore, these animals appear on the eve of the birth of children, weddings, crossings, etc.
  • In a negative incident, black energy clots form in the house and around people. Their spiders love especially and with pleasure come to “dinner”.
  • Very often the negative is induced by enemies (damage, curses, evil eye) or arises under the influence of human thoughts.

It is a mistake to believe that spiders appear only in energetically dirty or, conversely, crystal-clear rooms. They come regardless of this before key changes or against the backdrop of magical practice.

All the signs about spiders originated from many years of experience of a large number of people. But this does not mean their stiffness: any superstition needs to be evaluated from the position of individual perception. And first of all it is necessary to be guided by intuition and own sensations, even if they contradict the national tradition.

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