56594 Signs for the night: what can and can not be done

Signs for the night: what can and can not be done

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Signs for the night: what can and can not be done

Night is the time when dark forces are rampant. Our ancestors tried without special need not to go out into the street after dark and right up to the dawn. Naturally, the people have a lot of signs and beliefs about the night, which we will tell you below.

Bad signs at night

At night and generally after sunset you can not take out the garbage – along with the garbage you can bring the prosperity from the house.
A knock at the window at night is a bad omen, a misfortune.
Knock on the door at night – do not open immediately, but be sure to ask who is there. If you open the door at night after the knock, but there is no one there is a bad sign.
The person who was born at night will die also at night.
At night, you can not sweep, wash floors and generally clean up.
If a person wakes up every night at exactly three hours, it means that someone is casting a spell on him.
If the dog grows up at night, all year long there will be quarrels in the house.
After sunset, you can not get a haircut, shave, trim nails.
The dog barks at night for no reason – expect trouble.
If in the middle of the night the dog wounds, it is always to the deceased.
Do not leave dirty dishes at night – the brownie can be offended.
You can not leave a knife on the table for the night – a bad sign, foreshadowing quarrels in the house.
You can not leave money on the table for the night, it’s poverty that judges.
The mistress, who begins to knit from sleeplessness at night, wears devils.
To see a spider at night is a hassle.
At night you can not leave dishes on the table – our ancestors believed that with her at night there will be devils.
You can not put the leaven at night. If so, then there will be no money in the house for three years.
Do not leave to dry for the night linen in the yard – it can “stick” to damage.
The cat ran across the road at night – to the danger en route.
Do not start a luncheon at night for bread. He who eats this bread will suffer from stomach pain.
At night, look in the mirror – you can draw misfortune.
If the cat hiss at night, then it feels dead spirits.
If the pig is ruffled in the middle of the night, the pig will be sickly.
Who at night screams (kills) cabbage, in that she will sour.
It is impossible that at night an unbaptized child is reflected in a mirror – a demon can move.
If anything breaks at night, it’s always a sad message.
Chickens scream at night – a bad omen, to be in trouble.
If you are knocked at night or called, confusing the apartment, this is for legal matters or official troubles.
If in the middle of the night the radio or TV turned on (without your participation), then it indicates that you were visited by a ghost.
If the icon falls after sunset or at night, then wait for misfortunes.
If the cock crowed at night – wait for bad news.
If you have a wedding, and the neighbors have a dead person at night, the young will not live, they will divorce.
If the lamp went out at night, it is not re-ignited, it is left until the morning so as not to cause trouble on the hut.
In no case can not wash rags or underwear with menstruation at night, otherwise the woman will have a drop in the uterus.
In the evening and at night, money is not changed, is not considered and is not occupied, otherwise they will cease to be led.
If you look at the sky at night, do not say any abusive words, otherwise your health will leave you forever.

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Good signs for the night

The cat that brought kittens at night predicts wealth and well-being to the house.
If at night a cricket was heard in the house – to unexpected wealth.
The first night in the new house must necessarily spend the night with a black cock, and the second night – a black cat.
If at night the cricket has started singing, then guests will arrive from afar.
The calf born at night will be strong, and the calf will give a lot of milk.
If you leave money for the night under a mirror – you will never stay without money.

Signs about the weather

A summer night without wind and dew – it will rain in the afternoon.
If the rainbow in the evening sky is steep, then the next day will be clear, but if the rainbow is gently sloping, then at night it will rain.
Sinichka squeaks at night – a strong frost will strike in the morning.
The first snow fell at night – it will lie, and if in the day – it melts.
If the snow fell at night on the branches of trees, it means that it will lie on the ground.
If the night frost fell – the snow will not go in the daytime.
If in the autumn or spring at night the sky is covered with clouds – there will be no frost.
November nights are black before the first snow.
If in the winter the Moon turned red at night – to a strong wind and warming.
The horse sleeps at night – to sunny weather.
If the fireflies at night glow brighter than usual – to sunny weather.
If on a winter night a crow sits on the top of a tree, in the direction of the wind, then the next day there will be a quiet weather; when she sits at the bottom of the tree and hides between the branches, you should expect a night or another day of bad weather.
Warm nights in the summer – lots of honey in the hives will be.

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