Sir Roger Moore on Bond: He hasn’t ruled out a return!


Sir Roger Moore, the second actor after Sean Connery to play 007 on the big screen, has not ruled out a return to in a future James Bond movie. The actor was speaking at a special event in London over the weekend, and said that he would consider appearing in a future Bond movie, should he be offered it. He would do a cameo role as it would give him the opportunity to “expand the family coffers”.

Moore commented on the other actors to have played Bond too.

“I think that Sean was obviously the great Bond,” he said.

“He was obviously the right person, he brought the right personality to the performance, otherwise Bond would not have gone on past the first six that he did. He was a tremendous Bond.”

“Today, I think we’re very lucky to have Daniel Craig because he is quite extraordinary, I always say that Sean looked like a killer – but Daniel Craig would finish it off.”

“When I saw Casino Royale, I thought that Daniel Craig did more action in the first seven minutes than I did in seven movies.”

Daniel Craig, is still officially Bond and we’re all hoping that he will return for the 25th adventure but this is still to be confirmed by both the actor and the makers of perhaps the world’s greatest film franchise.

You can read more on Roger Moore’s comments on Sky at the end of the link.

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