Snake Horoscope 2018
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Snake Horoscope 2018

Snake Horoscope 2018


During this year of the Dog, you will feel freer than you have in the past years. You will have more time to do the things that you love this year. You might even feel a little more spontaneous and impulsive. You are likely to try many new things as well. A generally favorable period for the Snake natives though.


The career life of Snake people would be excellent in year 2018. Your impulsive nature clubbed with your determination to work hard will earn you laurels in the workplace. Do maintain cordial relations with higher-ups and peers. Those aspiring for a change in career field can opt for one, however make sure that the new one would be stable. Do what you like and follow your passion to excel in career for the period.


The finances of Snake natives is in for major troubles and hindrances during this year of the Dog. There would be unwanted expenditure from all quarters of your life. Only savings can redeem you through the period. Stick to your budget , come what may in life. Manage your finances cautiously and avoid indulgences for the time period.


The love life of snake natives would be very intense and sensual during the year of the Dog. There would be much passion and romance in your relationships. However confidence and greater commitment is needed on your side for betterment of your love life through the year.

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Avoid all temptations of sorts and to not stray around. The single ones would find the year a conducive period for finding their ideal partner. Those already married or in a relationship would find the going smooth too.

Family and friends would be a major source of strength and support for you this year. There would be many changes in your life for the year 2018, however they would be with you through thick and thin.


During the year 2018, snake natives might give the backseat to their physical and health and pursue mental works. This might have adverse effects on your general health and well-being. Though your energy levels would be high you would feel drained at times. Keep a tab on your diet and do not allow yourself to be lethargic. Keep moving, avoid high-calorie foodstuff and involve yourself in some sport or the other to keep you fit for the year.


Though the love life would be quite average for Snake guys, they are advised to stay away from impulsive acts this year. Be happy, fun and frolic are advised but then do not over-indulge. Give vent to your passion and ideals in life. Make the year a memorable one, by reaping the fruits of your hard toils through the year.

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