Something Big Could Be Happening To Genesis
84091 Something Big Could Be Happening To Genesis

Something Big Could Be Happening To Genesis

The company’s first electric vehicle doesn’t yet have a name, but Lee says it will be built on its own dedicated EV architecture rather than appropriating one of the company’s gas-powertrain platforms. While a crossover-like body style is most likely, Lee hasn’t ruled out that the EV could take on some other form.

That leaves the sporty sub-brand, which could look something like Hyundai’s new “N” brand.

“Eventually we need it, but it is too early,” Lee says. “We are much more focused on the next two years as a strong foundation for further, continuous growth.”

The global Genesis head shared no details regarding what products might fall under such a sport sub-brand, although the company’s 2018 Essentia electric sports coupe concept might provide some clues. Lee’s predecessor, Manfred Fitzgerald, said last April that the company was pursuing the car “in a very, very serious manner.”

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