What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Bones, Books, Boss …..

What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Bones, Books, Boss …..

Bomb Shelter

To dream that you are in a bomb shelter suggests that you are being overly protective with some emotion or aspect of your waking life. You are trying to keep your unexpressed feeling from coming to the surface.


To dream that you are in bondage signifies that aspects of your emotions and/or character are too tightly controlled or that are repressed. You may be restricting your need for self-expression or feel that you are a prisoner of your circumstances.

In a sexual sense, dreams of bondage represents your desires to be more sexually submissive. Perhaps you have not acknowledged these sexual passions.


To see bones in your dream represent the discovery of your personal, family, or cultural secrets. It is also symbolic of your underlying strengths that you have not yet recognized. Consider the symbolism of getting to the “bare bones” or the significance of “having a bone to pick with someone.”

Dreaming that you are burying the bones of someone who is living means that there are secrets that this person knows about and you are trying to keep those secrets from coming out.

To dream of broken bones represents the discovery or realization that that there is a weakness in your plans or in your thinking. Your dream may call for your immediate attention to a particular situation or relationship.

To see a dog eating or chewing a bone represents your basic desires and instincts.


To see a bonfire in your dream suggests that you need to find a new path and set forth toward a different goal. It is time to express yourself more freely and let go of the old outdated ways of thinking.


To see or smoke a bong in your dream suggests that you are not confronting your feelings head on. You are trying to downplay your own emotions and are looking for an escape.


To see or wear a bonnet in your dream represents your sheltered ideals and old-fashioned beliefs. Your close-mindedness is restricting your vision and plans.

Bonsai Tree

To see a bonsai tree in your dream indicates the limitations of your own conscious mind. You need to consider what your instincts are telling you.


To dream that you are picking a booger out of your nose indicates that you are ready to confront some subconscious material.

To dream that your nose is full of boogers implies that you are being stuffy, unyielding and rigid. If you try, but cannot get the boogers out of your nose, then it means that you are unable to be your true self. Something or someone is restricting you from fully expressing yourself.

Boogie Board

To see or ride a boogie board in your dream indicates that you are riding out the difficulties and taking each day one day at a time.


To hear booing or dream that you are being booed indicates that you are seeking approval and affirmation from others. Alternatively, you may find yourself in an embarrassing or shameful situation.


To dream that you are a bookkeeper represents a need to keep you life in balance and in harmony. Alternatively, it may indicate that you should be held accountable for some condition or circumstance.


To see a bookmark in your dream represents memories and aspects of your past. It serves as a reminder of where you’ve been and where you are headed. The dream may also be a metaphor that you should not forget your place. Perhaps you are overstepping certain boundaries.


To see books in your dream indicate calmness. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Books also symbolize knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom. In particular, to see an open book in your dream, means that you are able to grasp new ideas with ease. If the book is closed, then it represents your allure and mysteriousness. Consider the type of book for additional clues. The dream may represent your calling into a specific field of work or an area that you need to devote more study to. Alternatively, the dream could be telling you not to judge a book by its cover.

To see dusty books in your dream denotes forgotten knowledge or previous “chapters” of your life.

To see children’s books in your dream symbolize memories from your own childhood. It may also suggest your desire to escape from reality and retreat into some fantasy world.

To see a satanic book in your dream represents your one-sided way of thinking and looking at things. You are trying to denounce any responsibility in your actions and are putting forth as little effort as possible.


To see a bookshelf in your dream represents the various levels of your mind where ideas, concepts, and memories are kept. It also suggests your need to acquire some information or knowledge in a situation before making your decision.


To dream that you are at a bookstore symbolizes your quest for knowledge and ideas. You want to develop your mental sharpness.


To see or throw a boomerang in your dream indicates that what you do to others will come back to you, whether it is positive or negative.

Booster Cables

To see or use booster cables in your dream suggests that you need to get a jumpstart on your goals. Stop wasting your life away and start getting a move on.

Boot Camp

To dream that you are in a boot camp represents your need for discipline and rigid rules. You need to have a better focus on your goals. If you have been through boot camp, then the dream may represent the feelings you were going through at the time. Something in your current life is triggering those similar feelings. Alternatively, the dream may represent your need for a new start or fresh beginning.


To dream that you are a bootlegger suggests that you feel that you are above the law. You feel that the rules do not apply to you.


To see or dream that you are wearing boots refers to the power in your movement and the boldness of your position. You are taking a firm stance. The dream may also be a metaphor that you are getting the boot. Are you getting kicked out somewhere?

If you dream that your boots are dirty, then it points to your stamina, willpower, hard work and strong work ethic. To dream about cleaning your boots means that you are moving ahead by your own means.


To see or cross the border in your dream indicates that you are entering a new phase or transition in your life. You are encountering new territory. Alternatively, it represents the conversion of two states of mind or attitudes.


To dream that you are borrowing something suggests that you need to let go of your pride. It is okay to ask for help and lean on the support of friends and family. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you need to incorporate a certain quality into your own life that you are not utilizing currently.


To see your boss in your dream represents the bossy or authoritative side of your own personality. Your boss may reveal self-confidence and the assertive aspect of yourself. It is telling of your issues of control and authority. Alternatively, to see your boss in your dream may indicate your over-involvement or obsession with your work. Negatively, the boss in your dream may symbolize your limitations and lack of freedom/originality.

Dreaming that you are in trouble with your boss is a reminder that there is higher power that you will need to answer to.

To dream that you are afraid of your boss indicates your fear of authority. You may feel that someone else is running your life or dictating what you can and can not do.

To dream that you are having sex with your boss signifies your desires for authority and control. You are feeling empowered.

If you are a boss in your waking life, then dreaming that you are the boss means that you need to better assert your authority. Alternatively, dreaming of being the boss is just a reflection of how you identify yourself. If you are not a boss in your waking life, but dream that you are, then it means that you need to be in control of your destiny. It is time to take charge.

Consider also the relationship you have with your boss. This may provide clues to work-related stress or issues that need to be resolved.


To dream that you are getting botox injections suggests that you are trying to hide emotions or worries about a situation. More directly, the dream is about your concerns about aging and growing old.


To see a bottle in your dream indicates that you are pushing your feelings back inside, rather than expressing them. The content inside the bottle represents the nature of the emotions that you are experiencing. A bottle of champagne shows your need to socialize, while a bottle of poison signifies evil thoughts and a bottle of wine symbolizes sexuality.

To see an empty bottle denotes that you have exhausted your inner resources. You may be feeling drained and empty inside.

Bottle Brush

To see or use a bottle brush in your dream refers to an emotional cleansing. You need to express your emotions instead of keeping it bottled up.

Bottomless Pit

To dream that you are falling into a bottomless pit suggests that you are unable to recover from a setback or that you are unable to overcome some problem.


To see bougainvilleas in your dream indicate protection.