What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Incest, India, Implants …..

What Does It Mean to See in a Dream …… Incest, India, Implants …..


To see an imp in your dream represents chaos and disorder. You are undergoing some difficulty in your waking life. Alternatively, the imp symbolizes the negative and repressed aspect as yourself


To dream that you are being impaled suggests a forceful, violent or passionate release of your repressed emotions. You feel that you have been freed from the physical limitations of your own psyche. You are more aggressive and direct about your pent up emotions. Consider which part of the body is being impaled and what that part of the body symbolizes.


To dream that you or someone has been impeached indicates your desire to challenge authority. You are not afraid of letting others know about your position, even though it may not a popular one.


To dream that you get or have breast implants refer to your body image issues. You are feeling insecure and self-conscious about the way you look. You are not measuring up to others. Alternatively, the dream is expressing your desires to be more sexual and/or sensual. The dream may also reflect your subconscious desires for bigger boobs.


To see an implosion in your dream symbolizes controlled anger. You are not fully letting yourself go.


To dream that you have an imposter suggests that you are trying to be someone you are not. The dream may be pointing out qualities that are uncharacteristic of your personality.


To dream that you are impotent signifies a fear of losing power. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t measure up to a particular person or task in your life. A more direct interpretation suggest that you may be having problems with sex in your waking life.


To make an imprint in your dream means that you want to leave a lasting impression in some area of your life. It also refers to a memory or to something in the past that you are holding onto. Consider what kind of imprint is being made.


To dream that you are imprisoned suggests that you are feeling trapped or unable to move beyond a certain point. Perhaps your outdated beliefs or old ways of thinking is preventing you from going forward.


To see your in-law in your dream represents a working relationship which has many different possibilities. You need to be more understanding or yielding in some situation. The dream may also be a pun on being more careful, playing by the rules and abiding by the law.


To dream of an inauguration signifies personal growth or a rise in your current status. You are being recognized for your achievements.


To dream that you are burning incense indicates spiritual learning. It represents a high level of awareness.


If this dream relates to real-life experiences with incest, then you need to seek professional advice or counseling.

To dream of incestuous practices signifies erotic desires. It may also be representative of the union between feminine and masculine aspects of yourself. You are at a phase in your life where you are not quite a child and not quite an adult, and thus this dream may be symbolic of the merging of the child and adult within yourself. Alternatively, if you have been arguing with this family member and are expressing your desire to make up, then the dream may be trying to depict forgiveness in an extreme way. Or perhaps you are in a relationship with someone who reminds you of your own father, mother or other family member.


To dream that you are incoherent symbolizes extreme nervousness or excitement. Alternatively, the dream means that you are lacking power or authority, especially when confronted by others. Such feelings may stem from a lack of self esteem or self confidence.


To dream about your income indicates financial concerns and worries. Money issues are one of the top concerns in our lives, so no doubt the topic will manifest itself in your dreams. Alternatively, the dream represents some emotional issue. You may be holding back your feelings or are more cautious about expressing them.


To dream that you or someone is incompetent indicates your own feelings of insecurity. You may feel unprepared for a task or lack confidence in your abilities.

Incredible Hulk

To see or dream that you are the Incredible Hulk suggests that you need to better control your emotions, especially your anger. It also means that your subconscious feelings must be confronted and dealt with before it gets out of control and expresses itself in a violent manner. Alternatively, the dream implies that you need to exhibit more self-confidence.


To see an incubator in your dream suggests that you need some stability and calmness in your life. Alternatively, it is symbolic of fresh and new ideas, growth, and development of the Self.

To dream that you are in an incubator indicates that you have been acting prematurely. It may also suggest that you are trying to escape from the burdens and responsibilities of your waking life.


To see or dream of an incubus symbolizes some deep fear. If the incubus is vague and unrecognizable, then it suggests that you need to be more direct with your sexuality. If the incubus is clear and identifiable, then it indicates that there is some strong force that is inconveniencing you in a waking situation.


To dream that you are indecisive reflects your waking state of indecision. You are second guessing or over-thinking your choices. You are not sure which decision is right. Alternatively, dreams of indecision indicates that you are being pulled in opposite directions.


To dream that you are independent represents endless possibilities. The dream may also be telling you that you need to stand up for yourself, make your own decisions and think on your own.


To dream that you are in India depends on your own personal associations with the country. If you have never been to India, then the dream may represent your determination to rise above a situation and overcome life’s difficulties. You want to defy expectations.


To see an Indian in your dream represents the primitive and instinctual aspect of yourself. You need to be in more control of your waking-life situations and surroundings. You also need to be more self-reliant and exercise your personal power. Alternatively, this dream symbolizes honesty, dedication, and wisdom.


To dream that you are being indifferent suggests that you are trying to hide your true concerns. You do not want to let on that you care or that you really feel a certain way.

To dream that someone is indifferent towards you implies that you are unsure of their intentions or feelings.


To see indigo in your dream suggests that you are taking advantage of others.


To dream that you have indigestion suggests that there is an issue or problem plaguing you. You are involved in a situation that is making you uneasy. Perhaps you have made a decision that is not sitting well with you or that you are doubting.


To see an infant in your dream represents a brand new project. It signifies possibilities and potentials.


To dream that you have an infection indicates negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. Consider also where in the body is this infection for more significance.


To dream that you are infertile represents a lack of creativity. Something in your waking life is not working out the way you want it to. The dream may also reflect your own state of infertility and the struggles to have a baby.


To dream of an infestation points to problems and issues that you have ignored or avoided for too long. What may have started as minor has now become a huge problem. Alternatively, dreaming of an infestation represents an intrusion into your personal life. You feel that your privacy has been invaded.


To dream of infidelity (either by you or someone else) represents issues of abandonment and neglect in a relationship. Or you are feeling emotionally confined and need an outlet for your feelings. Alternatively, a dream of infidelity indicates that you are feeling unsatisfied with your current relationship. You are harboring guilt over a sexual relationship or you are looking for a more erotic sex life.


To see the infinity symbol in your dream represents time and longevity. Alternatively, it symbolizes wealth or the number 8.