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Stone mascot Libra, Opal

Stone mascot Libra, Opal

White or black stone with a strong opalescence effect.

For hundreds of years, evil glory was dragging behind the opal. It was considered a symbol of secret passions and impermanence (with prolonged exposure to the sun opal dehydrates and loses its iridescence), a stone of deceptive hopes and illusions. History says that fearing trouble, the English King Edward VII replaced in his crown opals for rubies.

It is also alleged that during Napoleon’s exile, the famous opal “Fire of Troy”, which belonged to Josefina Bogarne, disappeared without a trace. According to the legend, he seemed to have vanished into the air, destroying himself. Because of these rumors, the jewelers of Vienna at one time lost a lot of buyers and were forced to throw insidious opals into the Danube.

In the XVII century. a large opal in gold rim fell into the treasury of the Spanish kings. And then the misfortune fell on the reigning house: the heir died, the flotilla of ships laden with gold, etc. sank. To prevent further disasters, a beautiful opal was passed to the priests of the monastery in Almeida who hung the stone in front of image of the Madonna. What a treacherous mineral did in a monastery – history is silent.

It was believed that opal – a stone of people melancholic, but possessing high and pure thoughts. In addition, it is a stone of dreamers and dreamers who live in a world of illusions and unrealistic hopes (I would say, Ineta fans). For business people, mundane, it’s no good. People are nervous, with an unstable character, also should not wear opal.

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It was believed that the owner of this stone acquires the gift of prophecy. However, opal will bring success only to a noble and strong man, egoism and a passion for gain. For spiteful and selfish people, opal becomes a stone of evil: it gives rise to suspicions, causes quarrels, fear, nightmares.

In the East, black opals have always been considered exceptionally happy stones. They protected from infectious diseases, calmed nerves, helped with fainting, restored visual acuity and shine to the eyes. Opal treats mostly sluggish chronic diseases. For these purposes, it is recommended to wear it in gold on the index finger of the right hand.

Caution: It is not recommended to wear opal categorically at all times.


Lapis lazuli. Bright blue opaque stone sometimes with white spots or golden inclusions. In the Armenian manuscripts of the XVII century. says that the real precious lapis lazuli only the one that 10 days “can stay on fire without losing its color.” To Russian people, in my opinion, it’s best to wear bright blue Baikal lapis lazuli, and not dark purple from Badakhshan.

Known since the 4th millennium BC. e. Assyria, Babylon and Egypt was considered one of the most expensive stones, served as a yardstick of value. In ancient Egypt, from lapis lazuli, sacred beetles-scarabs carved the Sun and symbolized immortality. The scarab in the gold frame was considered a talisman, providing a long life and prosperity. According to the biblical legend, the laws of Moses were carved on lapis lazuli. From the same mineral, the figurine of the Egyptian goddess of truth Maat, worn on the chest by the supreme judge of Egypt, was cut out.

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It is a stone of sincerity and friendliness. In ancient times, diplomatic gifts, including in lapis lazuli, were believed more than any assurances.

Lazurite gives happiness in love, play, peace and joy. It promotes the execution of plans and projects, renews the circle of acquaintances, strengthens friendship. It provides luck to all who are eager for new heights and conquests.

It was believed that this stone has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and analgesic effect with bruises. It was used for epilepsy and rheumatism. Its use is shown with nervous exhaustion. If a stone of lapis lazuli is put on a sore spot, it helps relieve pain, tension and spasms. It is used for pain in the joints, radiculitis, blood and spine diseases. Lazurite improves the course of pregnancy and prevents miscarriages.

You can wear all the signs of the Zodiac in a ring or pendant in silver or gold, depending on your metal.

Lapis lazuli is able to open for us a door to the world of spirituality. If during meditation it is put on the area of ​​the Third Eye, lapis lazuli promotes a deep understanding of the essence of things. Lazurite enhances the ability to concentrate and promotes a more conscious life. He purifies the aura of past, already obsolete layers.

For healing, it is useful to combine the stone with pink quartz, amethyst, green aventurine. Specialists of Ayurveda recommend wearing it around the neck in a gold necklace. However, beads made of lapis lazuli, strung on a silk thread, help not worse.

The lapis lazuli chakra is a throat.

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