Stone mascot of Aquarius, Grenade
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Stone mascot of Aquarius, Grenade

Stone mascot of Aquarius, Grenade

Garnet (from Latin “granum” – grain) combines a group of highly variable in color silicates containing various cations. Six kinds of pomegranate are distinguished in composition: fire-red pyrope (magnesium-aluminum), yellowish or greenish grossular (calcium-aluminum), orange spessartine (manganese-aluminum), transparent purple, purple or purple-red almandine (iron-aluminum), emerald green uvarovite (calcium-chromium), green, brown-red or black andradite (calcium-iron). Bright red grenades in the old days were called carbuncles (“coals”).

In Russia, grenades were called garnets, beeches, chervets or worm-pomegranates as protection from natural disasters. According to ancient ideas, the powder of a pomegranate with water returns a blush to the face, soothes the stomach and cheers the soul.

Zircon. A colorless or yellow transparent mineral, often used to simulate diamonds. He tries to imitate the most precious of the precious stones and in the properties. But, alas …

Zircon deprives a person of unnecessary doubts, torments, grants indestructible conceit and self-confidence – great ambitions from scratch. He can be dangerous by making his owner vain and selfish.

The frame is gold.

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