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Stone mascot of Capricorn, Rubin

Stone mascot of Capricorn, Rubin

Ruby is a scarlet transparent stone, appreciated in the East above diamond. Its main magic property is to give birth to attraction to the great. On the hand of a noble person, he leads to victories, gives happiness in love and warns of the danger of changing colors. He gives protection from negative energies, strengthens the heart, regains lost strength, drives depression, gives fertility to women and prevents nightmares. However, one must take into account that it is a stone of pure thoughts and belief in oneself. The Chaldean sages warned that people of the weak can not look at the ruby, because they risk being under the illusion.

Since ancient times, the healing properties of ruby ​​are highly appreciated. Ruby helps with anemia, diseases of the digestive system, with weakened immunity; It is good for the heart, kidneys, liver, eyes, ears and bones.

Ruby strengthens the feeling of oneness with other people, generosity and compassion, helps cope with heartache and restore lost interest in life.

Rubin is a jealous stone, he does not forgive negligence. Before putting on a ruby ​​ring, gently stroke your fingers on the stone, give him your tenderness, and then the whole day he will keep you from any negative influence, and if you look at it when it’s hard to take decision, he can give wise advice.

Ruby also has magical properties. He can relieve fatigue, ward off failures, future misfortunes. To do this, the pendant or ring should be placed on the table just below the eye level like a mirror. Light mute, it is good to light a candle behind the stone, now concentrate your attention on it. After a few seconds it will appear that a certain volume appeared in the stone, and then go into this depth, leaving all the bad outside. Then slowly come back. Close your eyes, rest and again repeat the experience, but now absorb the strength, feel the confidence, concentration. You should not do this immediately before going to bed, you should have 2-3 hours to read or somehow unwind before you fall asleep. After the session, it’s good to put the stone in a glass with water and ammonia in a proportion of approximately 6: 1.

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To give a ruby ​​is necessary with love and joy, not leaving in the heart of envy or regret. Give with pleasure in the open palm – this will bring you good luck.

The main chakras are basal and sacral.

Onyx is dense, solid, opaque stone from thick dark to almost white with multi-colored straight or circular stripes. So: there is no onyx in nature, the darkest one is the one in which black stripes alternate with dark gray.


Unattractive in its raw form, the stone fell into the category of magic because of the striking drawings that open on its cut. The ancient Greek king Pyrrhus had onyx, in which an image of nine Muses and Apollo with a lyre opened on a section. Most often on the sections of onyx are landscapes (landscape agate), towers (fortification onyx), ostrich feathers (pinnate onyx), flowers (floral onyx), moss (moss onyx), eyes (eye onyx). Sometimes the picture appears as if from a fog – it’s a frosty onyx, or a frosted stone.
In the Nordic countries, especially appreciated swallow onyx, allegedly found in the nests of swallows, which brought it from somewhere from the sea. To get this stone, it was necessary to spread a red scarf under the nest. The naive swallow took a handkerchief for the fire and tried to extinguish it with its onyxes.

As an onyx mascot brings calmness, courage, longevity, develops the subtlety of feelings, joins loving hearts. He helps to improve well-being, attracting material things. Gives men charm in the eyes of women, increases male potency.

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As an amulet onyx avoids lightning and everyday misfortune, it is effective against the evil eye, protects against infections and gastric diseases, weakens the pain, exacerbates hearing.

Malachite is an aqueous copper carbonate of all shades of green, down to black and green, a stone with a beautiful pattern. In the Urals in 1836, a malachite block weighing 25 tons was found (other sources call up to 250 tons). The name is produced from the Greek. “malach” – malva (the name of the flower). It is curious that the malva, according to the astro-botanist (there is such a kind of astrology), is under the influence of Venus, and copper, which determines the color of malachite, too. Like the malachite talisman brings fulfillment of desires, but it is popular mainly as a children’s amulet. He is hung around the neck to protect him from diseases and dangers. In addition, it is believed that he relieves attacks of asthma and rheumatism, casts out melancholy, normalizes the activity of the heart. In the old days, he was worn as a guard against cholera.

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