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Stone mascot of Gemini, Agate

Stone mascot of Gemini, Agate

Agate – layered chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Very diverse in appearance. As a talisman gives courage, calmness, promotes longevity, develops the subtlety of feelings, attracts success. Black agate gives power over the forces of hell. Laminated gives men the charm in the eyes of women. As the amulet layered agate weakens the pain, sharpens hearing, heals stomach diseases.

Chrysoprase is an apple-green, grassy or emerald variety of chalcedony. The refreshing color of this stone strengthens and opens the heart. Chrysoprase stimulates the brain, the hormonal activity of the glands, metabolism and tones the skin. It reduces high blood pressure, relieves depression and stress, gives peace of mind, balances sexual imbalance, helps with eye diseases. Contemplation of chrysoprase reduces eyesight.

To normalize the heart activity, the crystal purified in running water and heated in the sun or a warmer is placed for 30-40 minutes on the heart chakra.

Chrysoprase can be charged with water. For this, in a transparent glass or other vessel with water, lower chrysoprase and put in the sun for 4-5 hours. Chrysoprase helps with clarity and gratitude in the heart to defeat all difficult situations. Chrysoprase, set in gold, protects against domestic injuries and accidents. Wearing a bracelet on the left hand, it helps against nervous diseases and is considered an excellent protection against bad energies.

The favorite stone of Frederick the Great, who always wore it in the ring, and then even decorated his crown.


This is a guard against the dangers, removing the acuteness of life’s collisions.

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Chrysoprase is favorable for any new case, because there is a desire for transformation in it. Therefore, people, a restless spirit, striving for renewal, it will bring good luck. He, like the emerald, does not like suspicious and lazy owners, on their arm it darkens. He does not like bright sunlight – it fades. Perhaps this is why this mineral does not tolerate powerful and self-centered people.

It is a stone of inventors and innovators. It attracts associates to the one who has undertaken a new business. Therefore it is useful, before going to negotiations about a new project, to put on a pinky chrysoprase in silver.

Chrysoprase in a bracelet is a guard against evil eye and spoilage, envious persons and slanderers.

Beryl is a collectable name for silicates of beryllium and aluminum, a variety of colors. By color, the following varieties of beryl are distinguished: Augustite-dark blue; aquamarine – blue and greenish; A noble (or simply beryl) – the jeweler’s name of colorless or very slightly colored specimens. Heliodor – yellow. Do not confuse hechenite (apple-green beryl) and goshenit – colorless prismatic. Emerald – dense green, bright green or the color of a young herb of beryl. In ancient times, only yellow samples were called beryl.

As a talisman (usually in a gold frame) is magically connected with thinking, reason. Helps in scientific research and in the study of philosophy. Leads the owner with important people for him.

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