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Stone mascot of the Virgin, Jade

Stone mascot of the Virgin, Jade

The color of jade is from black-green to almost white. A white translucent jade is called jadeite. Until now, in China, it is called a clot of love and believe that the stone of spirits gives sweet dreams, the victory over dark forces both outside and inside a person, preserves beauty, protects against diseases. It is also called the “stone ju” – that is, giving mercy, wisdom and modesty.

Jade – in Spanish means “stone loins.” The point is that this stone has an amazing viscosity and holds heat for a very long time. Therefore, it was heated and used as a heating pad. Especially good from kidney disease helps bright nephritis. He is worn for a year at the waist, with chronic pain and other symptoms completely disappearing.

Aztecs considered jade sacred, made from it talismans and masks, which not only protected from harm, but also allowed to communicate safely with spirits. In China and in Tibet, jade talismans hung around the neck of children to protect them from the disease, and if there was a difficult business , then its participants never did without jade beads.

He was also considered a stone of eternal love. The jade of the jade serves as a pledge of eternal happiness in love. Nephrite has the ability to smooth the face, so the beauticians of antiquity, after the massage, applied jade plaques to the faces of the beauties. Men preferred to smoke pipes with jade chibouks, since this stone can neutralize poisonous smoke. It is known that Genghis Khan treats jade with great respect, even his personal seal was executed in the form of a jade figure of a lying tiger.

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Vibrations of jade are harmonious to the heart chakra. It is useful to wear in beads, pendants and rings.

It is an orange, bright yellow and reddish variety of chalcedony. A meatus-red stone is called carnelian. Carnelian is also greenish and white.

In ancient times, cornelian was credited with magical properties. Many amulets of Egypt (including Tutankhamun) found various amulets from cornelian – to protect the dead in the other world. Carnelian was considered a healing stone at all times: it was worn for the recovery of the whole organism. Even at the time of Hellas the Greeks used it to give the skin a sparkle and freshness. Often he helped prophet Mohammed, who appreciated the carnelian and distinguished from all the precious stones.

Carnelian – the stone of the color of blood, the color of life, in connection with which the ancient peoples of the East attributed to him the property to protect the living from death and disease, to bring love and happiness. It was believed that he gives wealth, strengthens health, raises mood, calms anger, but above all, it is a stone of happy love.


In Russia, carnelian was also very popular. He was considered extremely happy and healing stone, bringing happiness in love, contributing to the kinship of souls. If you have a real feeling, and not a temporary hobby, then the stone in your hands when you look at your beloved person becomes brighter.

In the Middle Ages it was believed that this stone is capable of defeating black magic, protecting from ill-will, preventing quarrels. Mystics believed that carnelian protects them from wasting magical energy and vitality.

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In medical terms, it is almost universal stone, which creates a great health field around itself. It was believed that it enhances the immune properties of the body, suppresses fever, strengthens the teeth, helps with childbirth, treats many female diseases. In the form of beads, cornelian is useful in diseases of the thyroid gland.

Women are most suited to pink and orange in beads and earrings, men – red in the ring.

Scientists explain the therapeutic properties of carnelian by its weak radioactive radiation in doses most favorable for the human body. A light strip on a red or orange stone just indicates the presence of such radioactivity. Carnelian works at energies with lower vibration frequencies than amethyst and rock crystal.

To use carnelian at home, it must be preheated (with a hot-water bottle, hair dryer, iron or ordinary incandescent bulb) to a temperature of 40-50 degrees and attach for 5-7 minutes to a painful place. It is necessary to hold 8-10 sessions.

Very good results give the use of carnelian in the treatment of infertility in women and impotence in muzhchiny.Pri this stones are stacked around the navel.

Carnelian is useful for shy and scattered people. It is able to protect its owner from a dangerous waste of vitality.

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