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Stone mascot Scorpio, Aquamarine

Stone mascot Scorpio, Aquamarine

Aquamarine – a kind of beryl of light greenish-blue tones, the color clearly shows only on a clean blue or blue background. The color is caused by an admixture of iron. The sun can fade. It is easy to confuse with a pale sapphire or topaz. Its sign is two-color in a different direction of viewing. As a talisman develops courage, supports the unity of the spouses.

Warns the owner by darkening and reducing the transparency of the wiles directed against him. As the amulet aquamarine cools the ardor of quarrels and passions, keeps a conjugal union, facilitates toothache and pain in the stomach and liver. With continued consideration, it has a beneficial effect on vision.

Garnet (from Latin “granum” – grain) combines a group of highly variable in color silicates containing various cations. Six kinds of pomegranate are distinguished in composition: fire-red pyrope (magnesium-aluminum), yellowish or greenish grossular (calcium-aluminum), orange spessartine (manganese-aluminum), transparent purple, purple or purple-red almandine (iron-aluminum), emerald green uvarovite (calcium-chromium), green, brown-red or black andradite (calcium-iron). Bright red grenades in the old days were called carbuncles (“coals.”) In Rus, grenades were called garnets, beeches, chervets, or worm-pomegranates as protection from natural disasters. According to ancient ideas, the powder of a pomegranate with water returns a blush to the face, soothes the stomach and cheers the soul.

Coral. These are petrified polyps that came to us from the sea. In Egypt, corals were dedicated to the goddess Isis, in Greece – to Aphrodite. In ancient times in the East, coral beads were worn as a guard against the evil eye. Spiritual persons had coral beads, supposedly protecting them from demons, temptations and evil spirits.

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The ancient Russian name of the coral in the form of a ball – “korolek.” History states that on the fur coat of Boris Godunov there were 15 kings.

It was believed that the coral helps to remove high emotional tension, dulls hatred, anger, envy.

It is also called the stone of travelers and romantics, for it pushes for adventure, inspires a craving for travel, warns against danger and natural disasters on trips.

Men should wear a red coral; women – white.

Coral regulates all life processes in the body, it helps against inflammatory diseases. Coral beads – a remedy for headaches, sore throats. Coral in the ring on the index finger of the right hand treats gastrointestinal diseases, liver, spleen, treat abscesses and ulcers, including internal ones.

The energy of corals activates the metabolism, well affects the blood circulation and cardiovascular system, improves memory.

Calcium carbonate, contained in corals, soothes, removes irritability.

If the coral is worn on the index finger of the right hand, it cleans the blood well. If you wear corals on your neck, they will protect against sore throats, scarlet fever and relieve nervous tics.

Red corals harmonize the main chakra, the pink cores are consonant with the heart chakra.

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