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Stone talisman of Aries, Diamond

Stone talisman of Aries, Diamond

Diamond (in processed form – diamond) – crystalline carbon, usually colorless or having weak yellow, brown, gray, green, less often – pink shades, extremely rarely – black.

Since ancient times, the diamond is considered a powerful talisman, giving the owner strength, courage, invincibility in battle. Gives virtue, courage, expels sinful thoughts, leads to a high social status. Diamond with a greenish outflow informs women of fertility. The most effective diamond is obtained in the form of an unselfish gift. Diamond does not benefit the person who bought it. On the hand of the criminal acts against him. A diamond with internal spots is considered to be the most unlucky and fatal stone.

As an amulet, the diamond heals sclerosis, apoplexy, prevents the formation of stones, protects from the evil eye, clears the face of stains, and breathing from the stench, gives a quiet sleep to sleepwalkers. Greenish diamond promotes the normal course of pregnancy and facilitates childbirth.

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Category: Talismans

Stone talisman of Aries, Diamond

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