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Stone Talisman of Cancer, Moonstone

Stone Talisman of Cancer, Moonstone

Moonstone (adularia) is a sodium-calcium calcium silicate with a milky-blue glow and a magical play of light. Moonstone from the coast of the White Sea is called belomorit. The so-called black moonstone is a labrador. As a talisman enhances the lunar qualities of the owner (emotionality, protective instincts, love of home, craving for change of places). Gives dreaminess, softness, tenderness. Stimulates memories. Softens the adamant and overconfident. Dangerous for closed and capricious natures. Especially strong in the new moon, filling with an ice shine. As an amulet is rarely used, it is believed that it helps with epilepsy and renal colic, apparently through a mild hypnotic effect with a long review. It gives prudence in words and caution in acting.

Emerald – a transparent variety of beryl green tones, sometimes with a fading. Silicate of beryllium and aluminum, colored by an admixture of chromium (green tones) or vanadium (bluish hues). Precious stone of high class; its dark green varieties are valued above the diamond. The largest emerald with a mass of more than 7.5 kg was found in Brazil. The hellosetter of a juicy dark green color – “Emerald Kokovina” – the pride of the Mineralogical Museum. A. Fersman Academy of Sciences of Russia – found in 1833 in the Urals mines.


Fitted in gold – an ideal talisman: sharpens the mind, animates intelligence and ingenuity, stimulates speech and writing. Gives bravery to the soldiers, charity to the winners. Helps to foresee the future, relieves of the insidious charms of love. With due diligence and diligence, the owner leads him to fame. Strengthens the brilliance of the eyes. It encourages and strengthens the childbearing penis. Actively struggles with the deceit, depravity and unprincipledness of its owner. Is able to self-shatter, unable to overcome the bad inclinations of the owner. If you look closely at the emerald in the morning, the whole day you will be lucky in good deeds.

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As an amulet – drives away snakes and scorpions. Leaves those parts of the body with which it comes into contact, especially the eyes. Saves from anguish, fever, leprosy, epilepsy. At a headboard or under a pillow relieves of a sleeplessness. When worn around the neck, it improves vision and eliminates forgetfulness. Promotes longevity, preserves matrimonial fidelity. Protects against annoying visitors. Dreams of a person wearing an emerald come true especially often.

Chrysoberyl received its name for its golden color and beryllium content. Judging from ancient Indian manuscripts, its rolled pebbles were valued 4000 years ago. The first literary mention is found in the ancient Indian treatise on medicine Rasaradzh Tarangini, which described three of its varieties – the “color of the bamboo leaf” (ordinary chrysoberyl), “shiny and iridescent like a peacock’s eye” (apparently a kind of this gem – alexandrite) and ” sparkling like a cat’s eye “(cymophane, or cat’s eye).

Ancient Indian magicians with his help, according to legends, tried to understand the language of animals and birds, read the future, learned to understand the present, to evaluate and comprehend the past. He provided the strength of family ties, strengthened friendship and family ties. This is the talisman of players. The ancient Indian healers recommended taking grated vaiduriam against rheumatism, arthritis, sore throat, cardiovascular and other diseases.

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