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Stone Talisman of Taurus, Turquoise

Stone Talisman of Taurus, Turquoise

Turquoise is able to love its owner and indulge him in all matters. However, it has the property of bringing happiness only to people who observe moral precepts. Especially does not like the turquoise of malicious and scornful people.

Turquoise is an indicator of health: if a person wearing a turquoise ornament sees that it has darkened, this is a sure sign of a beginning illness. This feature is inherent in the very nature of the stone, it does not tolerate heating, high humidity, vegetable oils. The body of a sick person changes temperature and humidity, which is sensitive turquoise. There is nothing to worry about, just go to the doctor, check your health, and the sick turquoise can be cured by wrapping it for a short while in a slice of raw fatty meat.

In addition, this stone brings happiness in love. If the lovers exchanged ornaments from turquoise, then one of them can judge the feelings of the beloved. If the stone loses its color, the color fades, then the feeling fades.

Turquoise is a universal healer. But it is especially useful for the eyes (contemplation of turquoise improves eyesight in the morning), heart, lungs, liver, thyroid gland. Turquoise cures colds, tonsillitis, flu, insomnia, arthrosis, rheumatism, diabetes, allergies, skin inflammations and neuropsychiatric diseases. It promotes skin regeneration.

This amazing stone helps to awaken creative forces, intuition and understanding of the laws of nature. In addition, turquoise is able to protect your friend from the influence of unfavorable energies, being an excellent amulet.

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When purchasing turquoise, pay special attention to its quality, since many imitations of turquoise, synthesized, tinted or glued stones are available for sale.

Sapphire is a transparent corundum, colored by impurities of iron and titanium compounds. It has many varieties. Ural sapphires are gray-blue, and sapphires of the Khibin are of a greenish shade with a thick dark blue color. Some sapphires are two-colored: along the crystal are dark blue, and across are green.

As a talisman promotes spiritual development. Informs the concentration and purity of the soul during the hours of meditation. Strengthens fidelity, chastity, cools excess passion. Brings spiritual comfort. Increases determination, courage. Attracts friends and repels enemies. For its full-fledged action, the owner needs kindness. Danger of its defects: cracks, spots, shells, deprives the owner of joys and fun-filled society.

As an amulet protects from treachery and fear, it keeps from conspiracy, heart diseases and poisons, purifies the blood. In Indian lithotherapy, it is used for epilepsy, eczema and uterine diseases.

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