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Stone Talisman of the Lion, Yantar

Stone Talisman of the Lion, Yantar

Amber is an excavated resin of light yellow, orange, red, brown and even white colors.

He is one of the very first precious stones known to mankind. The symbol of the Sun – amber decorated the crown of the famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Perhaps, amber was the first gem, which ancient people used to treat and decorate. There are many legends connected with it, where the origin of amber is always shrouded in mystery or explained by magic.

It is believed that if you finger in the fingers of an amber stone, it strengthens both mental and physical strength. It is a stone of health, happiness and love. A powerful talisman and amulet, amber will reward you with all these virtues. If you constantly wear amber to yourself, then know that he will reward you with longevity and beauty. And he also supports optimism, gives comfort in various life’s troubles and even aggravates intuition. The last property is just a gift, which destiny presents very, very few! Amber talisman will help you to avoid many problems unconsciously and at the same time it is very true to avoid quarrels and all sorts of unpleasant situations.

Amber brings happiness to all people born under the sign of a proud and regal Leo. For example, you should not let it out of your hands, if you suddenly feel that you are ill, or if your state of health leaves much to be desired. And observe how the stone will behave: it may well become cloudy for a while and from the transparent become opaque for the simple reason that he took all the negative energy, and you got rid of it!

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Amber has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, spleen, heart. Amber mouthpieces significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer due to smoking, and the famous Polish amber vodka treats sore throats and colds well.


The best transparent varieties of amber are used to treat angina, headaches, eye and ear ailments. For example, you can get rid of a headache very simply: take a polished plate or insert from amber and stroke the skin around the pain site counter-clockwise. After 10-15 minutes the pain will pass. To remove negative energy, amber must be put on a sore spot.

An amber necklace or beads treats the thyroid gland, protects from headaches, improves mood and softens the impact of sudden weather changes and the effect of magnetic storms.

Amber beads soothe the pain when young children erupt their teeth.

Amber clarifies thoughts and helps to realize plans in concrete actions. His golden light gives us joy and peace.

Amber communicates the energy of the umbilical chakra and promotes the awakening of Kundalini.

Now there is a lot of synthesized amber and counterfeits on sale, so it should be chosen carefully.
Chrysolite. Mineral from the family of garnets, olive, yellowish-green or golden colors.

Harmonizes the situation in the house, makes its owner more sentimental, neutralizes quarrels and conflicts, promotes family happiness. It protects its owner’s property from fire and theft. That is why in the Middle Ages rings of olivine were often worn by merchants and bankers.
Beneficial effect on eyesight.

Balances and heals the physical and emotional body. Normalizes the heart activity and blood pressure. Heals the nervous system. Gives clean energy to the heart and umbilical chakras.

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It helps well for colds, eye diseases and spine.

He gives birth to men in passion and cures impotence, takes away nightly fears and promotes a good sleep. He cures stuttering.

Corrected in gold, chrysolite strengthens spiritual forces, developing intuition.

Topaz is an aluminum silicate, often containing fluorine. It is distinguished by a variety of color shades – from blue through blue and green to wine-yellow, orange, pink. There are also colorless topaz, as well as polychrome – when different parts of the stone are cast in different colors. Blue and blue tones are due to iron impurities; pink – trivalent iron purple hues gives topaz chrome. Topaz weighing 5 tons is found in Brazil. Topaz is valued much lower than diamond.

As a talisman, topaz stimulates intelligence and is therefore very useful to philosophers. It gives honesty, objectivity, and liberalism. Attracts to the owner friendship, favor, location of the environment. Brings wealth and recognition. Contributes to an optimistic outlook on life.

As an amulet, topaz dispels evil spells, heals nervous disorders, helps to preserve beauty.

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